A holocaust victim’s letter of hope

Emmy Salomon was rounded up by the Gestapo in Amsterdam on May 11, 1943, when she went outside to get some fresh air. Her letter was written on May 17, 1943, just before her train left from Westerbork for Sobibor. She threw it out of the train somewhere on Dutch territory. Somebody posted it to the address on the envelope of the woman who was to look after her son, Rudolf. According to Red Cross records, she was gassed in Sobibor on May 21, 1943. Extracts from the letter r ead: “It is Monday evening, and we’re ready to board the train. I promise you I’ll be strong and I’ll definitely survive ... Nothing can be done about this.

“We’re ready to board the train with 2,500 people [and we’re] going to work ...

“Take care of my husband, take care of my son, wherever he is ...

“Thanks a lot for everything. I hope to see you again.

“Bye bye, Many kisses, Emmy.” — © Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2009

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