Racism alive

Racism alive

The racist tweets that greeted Nina Davuluri, Indian-origin young woman crowned Miss America (Sept. 17), were shameful. They point to the inveterate racism that continues to exist among some Americans. That some of them cannot differentiate between an Arab and an Indian shows their rank ignorance. It is unfortunate that even in this age of ostensible egalitarianism some people are rabidly colour conscious and incorrigibly racist.

Sumit Paul,


When a young woman is crowned Miss America or Miss World, we should congratulate her, no matter what her origin. It is rather strange that there still exist many Americans who are not happy for Ms Davuluri because she is of Indian origin. Those of us who believe that racisim is a thing of the past are shocked to know that it is alive and kicking.

P.U. Krishnan,


It is disheartening to learn that Ms Davuluri became the target of racial outbursts after she won the Miss America title. True beauty has nothing to do with the colour of the skin or descent. I am reminded of the reality show, Big Brother, on British television Channel 4 in which Indian actor Shilpa Shetty was at the receiving end of racist comments from a fellow contestant. But this time the target is an American. We can only pity her critics who seem unable to digest her achievement out of envy or racism.

Anand Ji Jha,


It is gratifying to learn that an American of Indian descent, who beat contestants from 49 States, has been crowned Miss America. The way some of her fellow countrymen have reacted to her achievement is disgraceful. One wonders why they have subjected her to such humiliating comments.

Indians desirous of going to the U.S. and settling down there must ask themselves whether they should work in a land at the cost of their self-respect and bear such humiliation.

J.P. Reddy,


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