Letters to the Editor — June 5, 2020

Right to information

As India continues to bear the brunt of the pandemic, it is essential for the government to disclose correct data (“Setback for Arvind Kejriwal government’s ‘Delhi Corona’ app,” June 4). The AAP government has been accused of not disclosing the right number of cases, deaths, and now beds in hospitals. Such confusion over beds can endanger people’s lives if they are desperately seeking admission in a hospital. Divulging the right information is the most important duty of the authorities during a crisis such as this. A government is being irresponsible if it is hiding facts and figures.

Deepika Jain,


Public duty

The Supreme Court has held that when private bodies perform public duties, the High Courts can issue writs (“HC dismisses PIL plea seeking reservation of beds for COVID-19 cases”, June 4). There is a greater need for the High Courts to interfere as citizens approach them only when they are helpless and the government is not acting. The need for surveillance of acts by private bodies affecting public health and education assumes greater importance in this crisis. It is the solemn duty of the state, the judiciary included, to promote healthcare. The Madras High Court, by such an action at this hour of need, has become a constitutional defaulter.

N.G.R. Prasad,


Death of an elephant

It was distressing to read about the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala (“Row over death of pregnant elephant in Kerala”, June 4). It doesn’t matter that the trap was laid for a wild boar – this is no way to kill a wild boar either. This tragic incident is just one of the many examples of the pain that we humans cause to wild animals. It is yet another reminder of the man-animal conflicts taking place in disappearing habitats across the country.

Vidhya B. Ragunath,


Why a G-11?

U.S. President Donald Trump’s call to transform G-7 into G-11 cannot be taken at face value (“Seven to eleven”, June 4). He seems to be doing this to shift attention away from the chaos in the U.S. He has not indicated why he wants to expand the group apart from a vague explanation that it is “outdated”. Nor has he specified how this is going to happen given that the U.S. goes to elections in November. Where has G-7 failed and what are its needs? What are the special circumstances under which the proposed four countries are to be added? How does Russia suddenly qualify for admission? It is clear that Mr. Trump only proposes this to alienate China.

Manoharan Muthuswamy,


The Prime Minister’s willingness to attend the G-7 summit is no doubt a positive approach. But at the same time, India’s participation should not come in the way of its bilateral relationships with the U.S. and China. This is crucial especially since there are border tensions with China at the moment. India has always been — and must remain — impartial in the event of an international crisis.

Hussain Ahmad Siddiquee,


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