Letters to the Editor - June 14, 2018

A new phase

The Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un historic handshake is a classic example of how diplomacy can work wonders in rewriting the destiny of nations (“Trump-Kim meet ends with promise” and Editorial – “Historic handshake”, both June 13). One cannot help wishing that the same bonhomie is replicated in the subcontinent with India and Pakistan resolving their differences. It needs concerted efforts and a determined leadership at both ends to grasp the olive branch which could save many an innocent life and usher in prosperity.

Anjali B.,


While the full details of the Trump-Kim discussions behind closed doors are still awaited, their meeting seems to underline two things. It has, to some extent, provided a degree of legitimacy to the North Korean regime. Two, the remarkable rapprochement within a year of threatening each other with mass destruction has served to underline the importance of personalities in international relations. It is to the U.S. President’s credit that he has managed to enable an important diplomatic turnaround.

R. Sivakumar,


There is no doubt that the summit is historic. One hopes that the resolution on denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula will help bring in much-needed peace to a strategic part of the globe. Why no other U.S. President met the North Korean leader is a pertinent question. Is it because they did not want to legitimise the existence of North Korea in the diplomatic order without concrete commitments? One is sure that the two leaders will feature in the shortlist for the Nobel Peace Prize.

K.A. Solaman,

Alappuzha, Kerala

Finally, something positive happened after a protracted exchange of threats. The positive body language and the optics showed that some progress was possible. In the end, this remarkable development between the U.S. and North Korea should still be viewed with caution as we never know when one of them may retract the promises made.

Diksha Pant,

Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Script and speech

One was left baffled after reading the report, “‘PM will run away like Nirav, Mallya’,” June 13). On what basis does the Congress president declare that the Prime Minister will do this? It is crystal clear that Rahul Gandhi has no agenda for his party other than levelling charges — many of them personal —against Mr. Narendra Modi. I am unable to understand how former Congress president Sonia Gandhi and senior leaders in the party are unable to offer him counsel. There needs to be an element of decency and dignity in one’s political speeches. Perhaps Mr. Gandhi should refer to and learn from the elegant speeches and writings of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

Bellur S .Dattatri,



Hindi for elephants?

It is amusing that forest officers in north India are planning to teach Hindi commands to elephants “being imported” from Karnataka for patrol duties in north Indian forest reserves (Online edition, “The elephant ambassadors of Kannada”, June 13). While the elephants are sure to have experienced physical and emotional turmoil after being transferred from one region to another, teaching them new commands in an alien tongue is bound to vex the giants. On the other hand, as one forest officer has said, forest officials can do themselves and the elephants a favour by having their new mahouts learn simple Kannada commands. Else one is bound to come across a confused herd of jumbos in the wildlife reserves of north India.

Sam Vijay Kumar J.,


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