Letters to the Editor — August 4, 2020

Confidence is key

There is no doubt that in this global pandemic, it is the synergy of classic economics and human values such as confidence or trust that are needed to overcome this crisis (Editorial page, “Rebuilding India’s confidence, revive the economy”, August 3). The fact is that today, the most crucial trait of mutual trust is absent; we can see this in international relations between nations or leaders. Even within a country, there are different and contradictory points of view. In his book, The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything, Stephen M.R. Covey has talked about the importance of trust in our relationships as well as the criticality of it in a collaborative and interdependent world. It is welcome that the former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, and his co-writer, Praveen Chakravarthy, have also dwelt extensively on the importance of ‘societal confidence and trust in aiding economic revival. Currently, business/economic confidence has been overshadowed by fear which is only aggravating the prevailing uncertainty. Therefore, it is even more important that leaders make that extra effort to exhibit confidence.

Tony Augustine,


State of the Congress

It was embarrassing to find former Union Minister and Congress leader Manish Tiwari straining to underscore the indispensability of the dynasty’s leadership for the party (Inside pages, Interview – Manish Tewari, “Cong. needs to have ideological clarity to take on BJP”, August 3). His call for elections to appoint a full-time president if the Gandhis are not inclined to assume responsibility betrays the abject lack of confidence and utter confusion prevailing in the party. When Mr. Tiwari says that “princelings” Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot inherited their fathers’ respective Lok Sabha seats, what does he think of the Gandhis? For the party to have ideological clarity and acquire a new narrative, it must have a paradigm shift in its functioning. First and foremost is the indispensable need for inner-party democracy. Let a duly elected leader pilot the destiny of the party. The Gandhis have had more than their share of the cake. Political decency and grace demand that they stand aside and encourage the party to elect another leader. And the onus is on Congresspersons to support such a leader to the hilt and allow things to fall in place.

C.G. Kuriakose,

Kothamangalam, Kerala

The Grand Old Party of India may have remained one of the major Opposition parties but its own failings, ranging from entrenched nepotism to a prolonged leadership vacuum, are what seem to have been preventing its electoral resurgence with a bang. More than its successive electoral debacles, it is the failure of party’s rank and file to honestly reckon with their own failings which is doing more harm than good to its standing in the eyes of voters. The recent meeting of the party’s Rajya Sabha MPs only resulted in a blame game and spared the Gandhis. Its inherent culture of perceiving office as a privilege and inheritance than as a prize or reward for hard work and perseverance can hardly inspire young voters.

M. Jeyaram,

Sholavandan, Tamil Nadu

Hosted by the UAE

It is beyond comprehension why there is such an effort being made to hold the Indian Premier League when COVID-19 is showing no sign of abatement (‘Sport’ page, “IPL in UAE gets provisional govt. nod”, August 3). The life of cricketers, from different countries, and support staff involved, would be put to danger by this mindless haste. Whatever be the precautions taken, there is always the danger of contracting a virus. The decision appears to have been taken in the belief that no cricketer would turn down a lucrative tournament, which only shows the attitude of the BCCI. Cannot the time and energy be better utilised to put the economy back on track?

V. Subramanian,


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