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Sir/Madam, the best entertainment in the history of India is coming soon

Respected Sir/Madam,

So this is the situation.

You can’t watch men’s football anymore because best footballer is maybe a rapist.

You can’t watch film anymore because who knows actor is maybe a rapist, director is maybe a rapist, producer is maybe a rapist.

Can you listen to a song anymore? No chance. Music director is abusing ladies. Lyrics person is abusing ladies. Guitarist is abusing ladies.

Ok fine, maybe read a book? No chance because writer fellow is also abusing ladies.

So maybe you are thinking, who needs film and books and music and football and all? No need for anything, magazine and newspaper is there no?

Ha ha ha. Magazine and newspaper it seems. Editor is rapist, journalist is assaulter, columnist is abuser, ladies are living in terror.

Ok so cancel everything, just shall we watch some comedy videos on Youtube?

Never. Why? Because comedians also abusers, assaulters, harassment fellows.

Then one more entertainment is left: politics. But politicians and all lifelong criminal fellows.

Sir/ Madam, this means what? Does this mean retired people like Mr. Mathrubootham should just sit at home and do nothing? This is what many people are thinking. Ladies are complaining like anything means we should all just do Govinda Govinda and sit at home and sing bhajan?

This question is 100% wrong. One big zero.

Sir/ Madam, you have forgotten the best entertainment of all. God willing in a few days time we will be able to see first class new entertainment: one non-stop long queue of all these fellows going to jail. One by one they should go to jail. Each and every fellow.

It will be the best entertainment in the history of India. It is coming soon.

Sir/ Madam, I am waiting eagerly for this. I am praying to Guruvayoorappan for this. You have my full support.

Yours in expectation,

J. Mathrubootham

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