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For Mr. Mathrubootham, Cafe Coffee Day coffee is little bit expensive but superb

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Respected Madam/Sir,

What and all is happening in the world? Every day morning I wake up and go to living room and definitely one thought is there in my brain. Guruvayoorappa, today at least let there be two-three good news type items in the esteemed newspaper.

And what is there every morning? Tragedy tragedy tragedy only. Whether any god is listening these days? Or they are also fed up and gone?

Have you seen news of coffee company owner? Business and all means success will be there and failure will be there. But suicide and all... I can’t think of such topics, it is too bad. Too bad.

Ten or fifteen years back, first time I went to Coffee Day cafe. Let me tell the story. One day in the evening I went to Ganga Sweets. Did I go alone? Or did Mrs. Mathrubootham come with me? Or Mohammed Usman? Or maybe I went alone. Retirement life means time to forget all details.

Ok maybe I went alone. As soon as I entered Ganga Sweets, suddenly I realised one tragedy. No money in the purse. Not even one naya paisa. Immediately I did about turn and left. Ganga Sweets manager said, excuse me uncle, what nonsense is this, after decades and decades you are leaving without having even single ras malai. I said thambi, purse is kaali. I will go to bank and get money. He said one ATM is nearby, please go.

Madam/ sir, this is before the PayTM, UPI, Bhim, Boom, Om Kreem Kuttichaatha trend started. Money means money. ATM card means ATM card.

I went to one ATM, no money. I went to other ATM, too much line. So I walked and walked till I found one HDFC ATM. It is working. I thought it is ok, I will pay charge for using other bank ATM. After taking money, I came outside and on the right side, I saw one new restaurant. Near 6th Main Road maybe. No memory.

Oho. Bright colour. Nice furniture. Staff wearing good uniform. I thought whether to try this restaurant or not? What if it is some expensive international type place for NRI fellows? Then I thought, ok I have idea, I will go inside and sit down and ask for menu. If seeing it, water is coming from my eyes, I will say oh my god, I thought this is Ganga Sweets, sorry for confusion, thambi, please give direction.

India means old people can do anything.

I went in. First of all, too much AC. Immediately urine feeling came. I sat down and one boy came running. I said one coffee please. He said what coffee you want sir? I said what coffee is there? He said many words. Not one word was coffee. I said what nonsense young man, wasting my time?

He said no, no uncle, this is little bit different coffees for youths. Shall I only choose and give? I said fine. He asked you like coconut? I said whether any people who don’t like, don’t ask stupid questions. He said please give two minutes.

Madam/ sir, I was very suspicious. But as soon as coffee is going into my mouth, it is like Meenakshi Seshadri disco dance on the tongue. I said young man, this is superb coffee. Little bit expensive but ok. Who is the owner? He said some details. I said very good, all the best to Coffee Day Cafe.

After that, once in a while I used to go and try different coffee and sometimes samosa. Suddenly all over India branches are opening. Now every corner, it is there.

So when I saw the news, I am feeling very sad. But what to do. I hope the prayers and thoughts of happy customers will give him some happiness now. What else to say?

Yours in condolence,

J. Mathrubootham

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