Ominous signals: on slowdown of India's economy

India’s economy is in a severe slowdown that is only going to get worse in a pandemic-stricken world. Three months after Finance Ministry mandarins prognosticated that India’s growth slowdown had bottomed out, the latest economic data has belied that prediction. Crucially, the GDP growth estimates for the January-March quarter and the full fiscal year barely reflect the impact of the public health crisis and the stringent lockdowns, which were imposed nationwide only from March 25. The NSO’s estimates show fourth-quarter and fiscal 2019-20 growth slumped to 3.1% and 4.2%, respectively, the slowest pace in 11 years. The government says the lockdown impacted data flow, and with statutory reporting timelines extended the estimates would likely undergo revision. However, the fact that Gross Value Added numbers for the first three quarters have been revised significantly downwards shows that the economic malaise was deep and widespread even before the novel coronavirus landed on Indian
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Workforce habits: On tweaking of labour laws

Over two months into the national lockdown, India’s workforce, ostensibly blessed to be part of its much-vaunted demographic dividend, is in complete disarray. There is the visibly disturbing narrative of a few million workers trying to get back home from their respective urban lives as resources run out and lack of adequate living space hits hard in the face of a virus that requires physical distancing. They used their feet, often facing police wrath, till the administration allowed trains and buses to move again. While swathes of informal sector workers are moving away from their adopted base, the remaining 10% of the workforce that is formally employed with social security benefits are beset by pink slips, furloughs, or salary cuts. The trend, driven by the slump in economic activity, cuts across sectors. Restrictions have eased slightly, but a return to normalcy has proved challenging even for the firms that are allowed to operate, largely due to inadequate manpower. Industry
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Jammu, the pawn on the Kashmir chessboard

Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
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India, China and fortifying the Africa outreach

Harsh V. Pant Abhishek Mishra
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“We are not to get alarmed. But we are to be alert.” The Bhuj earthquake in 2001.

A new architecture in quake-prone areas

Gopalkrishna Gandhi
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You may say I’m a dreamer

Ruchir Joshi

Fourth estate and the fifth column

A.S. Panneerselvan
First responders: The National Disaster Response force in action in Digha after Cycone Amphan made landfall.
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A sucker punch of a storm

Govindan Nair
Asian woman student video conference e-learning with teacher on computer in IT room at university. E-learning ,online ,education concept.
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The fun we had

Umesh Patra
Silhouette of a man jumping over abyss at sunset with copy space
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Being a braveheart

Preetam Satish