26/11 tape: Zabiuddin Ansari briefs terrorists

Mumbai terror attack investigators claim that this conversation intercepted by the Intelligence Bureau, establishes Zabiuddin Ansari's role in the 26/11 attacks. The tape begins with Sajid Mir, the alleged military commander of the operation, briefing the terrorists at Chabad House, Nariman Point, Mumbai. At about 5 minutes, the individual alleged to be Ansari joins the conversation, and tells the terrorists to describe themselves as Indian residents from Hyderabad.


Conversation between Sajid Mir, alleged military commander of the operation, and terrorist at Chabad House in Nariman Point. Later they are joined by Ansari, who instructs the terrorists to identify themselves as Indian residents from Hyderabad.

Terrorist (T): We can see some civilians moving about.

Sajid Mir (Mir): Kill anything that moves or in sight.

T: Okay.

M: If anyone moves, shoot.

T: Yes. How many people have they counted?

M: It could be in hundreds.

T: Okay, Inshallah Inshallah

M: You need to protect yourselves. You see any person moving, on the roof, coming or going, shoot him. He doesn’t know what’s going on here. Okay?

T: Yes, Inshallah.

M: Suppose I tell you, you know that Mexican woman?

T: Yes?

M: She could be made to talk to the media and tell them what’s happening with her? And ask her to tell them to save her.

T: Yes

M: But be careful, she should not talk about how many of us are there, how many hostages. It will build pressure

T: She was talking, so we switched off the phones.

M: Have I told you about the damage done? Have I? The grenades you have just thrown have rocked the media. They are creating a lot of noise.

T: Yes?

M: They are not saying much. But just that there were grenades thrown…

Okay, one minute, hold. (Murmuring about some papers...)

Okay, Do you have the written message for the media?

T: I burnt it. But I remember the words.

M: You will have to write a message.

M: We want you to rewrite it.


M: I will tell you what to tell the media, I will connect you to the radio

T: Yes

M: But you won’t tell them how many men are here and such details

T: Oh, Okay

M: (Talks to someone else, sound of paper being ruffled or rummaged through.) The line is on hold. (connects a number)

T: Salaam Alaikum

A: Walaikum, how are you? In good health?

T: Pray to Allah for success.

T: Requests A to allow him to recite a poem. Recites…in Punjabi accent.)

T: I have a message for all Indian Muslims, for Muslim youngsters. Sacrifice your young lives for the sake of Islam.

A: Tell the boys to give the number of terrorists according to their fancy.

Response: Yes

A: Don’t reveal your numbers. Don’t say 14 or 15. Say 4, 5 or 6 only

T: Yes

A: And talk clearly because your programme will run on media for hours. It is a matter of pride for us, the pride of the Mujaheedeen.

T: Inshallah

A: Be prepared, drink water.

T: Okay, Inshallah


Unknown voice (U): Salam Alaikum

How are you?

T: I am fine.

U: Do you remember what I had dictated you?

T: I do remember a lot.

U: They will ask you, where you are from? You say Hyderabad city.

T: Okay.

U: From Tuli Chowki, Okay?

T: Okay

U: If they ask you which group you belong to, you say Hyderabad Mujaheedeen. Okay?

T: Okay

U: If they ask you why, tell them it’s against the ruler’s policy (Are you writing what I am saying?)

T: Yes.

U: A good example is the Sachar committee. The government guarantees us a lot, but the administration follows it by arresting young Muslim boys.

A: Yes.

U: The government must know that this is just a trailer. The real movie is still left to come. A small example. The government shall see what happens after this.


T: Okay.

U: Don’t panic. Relax. Speak more about yourself. Don’t let them question you much.

T: Okay, Inshallah


N: Salaam. Have you understood all?

T: Yes

A: They will ask you about your demands. First, free all the Muslims in Indian jails

T: Yes

A: Number two, Muslim States be handed over to Muslims.

T: Yes

A: Number three, call back the Army from Kashmir and give Kashmiris their rights

T: Okay

A: A mosque should be built at the site of the Babri Masjid and hand over the site to Muslims

T: Yes.

A: Don’t build ties with Israel

T: Yes

A: Tell Israel to stop the atrocities on Palestinians

T: Okay

A: Give them an ultimatum to stop atrocities against Muslims

T: Yes

A: Okay?

T: yes

A: If Israel…Okay Okay… And Israel should not interfere in the matters of Israeli Muslims.

T: Yes

People greeting each other

U: Your place will be Nariman Point. You tell them you are talking from Nariman point

T: Nariman Point?

U: Yes, Nariman, Nariman

U: Be careful

T: Okay

U: You have written it down. You just have to read it aloud. Okay?

T: Yes

U: Hold on… Write down this number. This is the number of GTB Office 01202511064 . Repeat?

T: 01202511064

U: Yes. And the number you will dial from. They might ask. Write it

T: 9819464530

U: Okay? You tell them you are calling from Nariman Point. You are in Nariman building and you have hostages. And ask them to call you at this number.

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