Huge flood reaching Jurala, Srisailam

Water being released from Jurala to Srisailam reservoir.  

As forecast by the Central Water Commission (CWC), a huge flood of nearly 5.3 lakh cusecs started reaching Jurala project on Friday evening and it’s expected to go up further with increase in the discharge of flood to over 1.93 lakh cusecs at Narayanpur around the same time.

Accordingly, the flood monitoring officials at Jurala have increased the discharge of flood to about 5.52 lakh cusecs from the 52 spillway gates. It’s likely to go up further as the release of flood at Narayanpur was on the rise. At 6 p.m., it was 1.93 lakh cusecs from the 20 spillway gates and another 6,000 cusecs with power generation.

“Due to rainfall in the upstream catchment areas of Krishna Basin, release of flood from Almatti dam was around 2 lakh cusecs in the evening and coupled with supplementation from Malaprabha river that joins Krishna between Almatti and Narayanapur, the inflows into the latter increased to about 2.1 lakh cusecs. Accordingly, the discharge of flood at Narayanpur is also expected to cross 2.2 lakh cusecs in the night,” an official at Jurala said.

Besides, the flood in Bhima is rising further with the CWC forecasting that the flood level would go up to 407.6 metres, against the danger level of 404.5 metres, at Deongaon bridge in Kalaburagi district of Karnataka. On Friday evening it was 406.6 metres and it’s likely to go up by one more metre by noon on Saturday.

At Srisailam, the discharge of flood was nearly 5 lakh cusecs, including 4.71 lakh cusecs from the 10 spillway gates lifted for 20 feet height each and another 27,000 cusecs after power generation in the right bank power station of Andhra Pradesh. The inflows were about 5.63 lakh cusecs but they were expected go further with higher flood from both Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers.

At Nagarjunsagar in the downstream, the discharge of flood was about 4.15 lakh cusecs besides release of another 7,500 cusecs to canals. Against the inflows of 4.22 lakh cusecs at 8 p.m., release of flood from the spillway was 8.85 lakh cusecs from 18 gates lifted for 15 feet height each and another 29,000 cusecs from power generation.

In the Godavari Basin, discharge of flood is continuing at Singur, Nizamasagar (from Thursday evening), Sriramsagar, Lower Maniar and Yellampally with sizeable inflows. The inflows into Singur and Nizamasagar are mainly supplemented by discharge of flood from Karanja dam in Bidar district of Karnataka.

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