Concept of bleeding during first intercourse unscientific, say gynaecologists

Disproving the myth that all women bleed during first intercourse which proves their virginity, gynaecologists from Hyderabad said it is unscientific. When asked about the posts on social media on sale of virginity blood powder capsules on e-commerce websites, which assures to help women prove their virginity on wedding nights, they clarified that there are different forms of hymen, a thin membrane, which is stretchable. The thin membrane with different forms of perforations lets menstrual blood to flow out. Depending on the size and shape of the hymen, women either bleed or not bleed the first time they have intercourse.

Besides, there are all chances of it tearing during physical exercise or other activities. A few girls have imperforated hymen, which holds back all the menstrual blood. The head of urogynaecology department at KIMS Hospitals, Anuradha Koduri, said hymen is torn surgically in such girls to let menstrual blood flow.

“The idea that women bleed during their first intercourse is unscientific. If women are lubricated and if the hymen is of enough width, they may not bleed during their first intercourse,” Dr. Anuradha said.

The head of obstetrics and gynaecology at Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Manjula Rao, said the hymen can expand and may not tear. “It could also break because of non-intercourse trauma. Now, women and young girls use tampons and menstrual cups that could stretch the hymen. So the hymen may not tear or they might not bleed during intercourse. It is absolutely unscientific to suggest that if a woman does not bleed during the first intercourse, she is not a virgin,” Dr. Manjula said. The specialists cautioned women against using virginity blood powder capsules or other such products if there is no clarity on the components used to make them. They said anything made of blood carries the risk of infection. A series of tests have to be performed before using blood in such products. Else, it could transmit infections such as HIV.

Dr. Anuradha said apart from blood powder, pills with pigs’ blood are also being sold for the purpose. “Pigs’ blood carries its own viruses and diseases. We do not advise people to use any of it. A woman is independent. If someone wants the hymen to be intact, there are surgeries which can help them,” she said.

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