As per US law, a visa cannot be transferred to the new passport

I work as a scientist at the IICT, Hyderabad. I want to apply for a B2 visa to visit my sick aunt in the US. My aunt’s son will take care of my entire travel expenses. I am now 58 years old. Due to having meningomyelocele at birth and paralysis in both lower limbs, I cannot walk very steadily. I had an R B2 visa for 10 years which expired in 2008. Due to my physical condition, I will not be able to walk the distance at the US Consulate. Will I be eligible for the interview waiver programme?

Paramjit Grover

Please visit our website for more information. Review the information about the Interview Waiver Programme on this website to determine if you qualify to use it. If you do not qualify (and if you were last issued visas in 1995, then you probably do not qualify), then you can also schedule an appointment at the same website. Normally, only the visa applicant is allowed to take the interview.

However, when applicants need physical assistance, an escort who can aid them is authorised entry. Please e-mail to request approval to accompany you on the day of your visa interview. We do have wheel-chair facility available for non-immigrant visa applicants for their use within the Consulate General premises.

I have an Indian passport in which details are handwritten. There was a notification in the newspapers stating that all handwritten passports will cease to be valid after November 2015 and that advised passport holders to apply for new passports before November 2015. I have a multiple entry 10 year tourist visa issued last year in Hyderabad on this passport. Will my visa printed on this passport be valid after I get a new passport?

Dr. V. Sritharan

As per the US law, a visa cannot be transferred to the new passport.

If you wish, you may apply for a new visa. However, you may use your US visa for travelling to the United States up to the date it expires, even if it is in your old, cancelled passport. Just carry both your valid passport and your old passport with the valid visa in it when you travel to the United States.

My husband appeared for an L2 visa interview in February and was told that the visa was approved. My children’s passports are ready to be picked up, but my husband’s status shows “in administrative processing”. What is the update on my husband’s case?

Priti Soni

Administrative processing is a routine step that many applications are required to undergo before a final decision can be made. Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific timeframe during which processing will be completed. For more information about your specific case, please write to and continue checking your case status at CEAC/.

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