It’s raining mandals in divided Adilabad

In a few days from now, Adilabad, the northern most district of Telangana and the gateway to the South from Central India will assume a different geographical look as its division into four parts looks to be certain now.

Revenue authorities have made a quick exercise to carve out Mancherial, Nirmal, Asifabad districts from the parent Adilabad with each of the four entities being roughly of the size of 4,000 sq km in area.

Five new mandals

The number of mandals proposed to be newly carved out is 17 which will take the total number of mandals in all the four districts from current 52 to 69. According to a proposal readied by the authorities, the residual Adilabad will comprise of 18 mandals, five of which, Adilabad Rural, Mavala, Bheempur, Sirikonda and Gadiguda will be new ones.

Mancherial district will have 15 mandals with three of them Bhimaram, Naspur and Hajipur being the new entities. The earlier proposal had Mancherial comprising of 24 mandals.

Nirmal will remain as it was proposed earlier with 18 mandals but with five new ones to be created. The new mandals will be Nirmal Urban and Nirmal Rural, Soan, Narsapur, Dasturabad and Basar.

Asifabad will also have 18 mandals with Lingapur, Kannepally, Penchikalpet and Chintalamanepally being the new ones. These are remotely located.

New revenue divisions

For administrative convenience, it has been proposed to make Kagaznagar, Bellampally and Bhainsa as new Revenue Divisions.

The three towns have required infrastructure for the purpose.

The police department has proposed to establish eight new police stations at some of the new mandals.

The police stations will come up at Penchikalpet, Chintalamanepalli, Dasturabad, Mavala, Bheempur, Sirikonda, Gadiguda and Bheemaram.