Modi at 100 days: First milestone

A period of 100 days in power is too short to judge any Prime Minister, more so when the man in question, Narendra Modi, had sought five years to show results, and in some sectors such as infrastructure, ten years. But this is certainly long enough a period to judge the direction of the man and his government. Mr. Modi’s style has been crticised as authoritarian by the Opposition, but his admirers say it is an assertion of authority. - Varghese K. George

>Foreign policy: Modi brings style to substance - Suhasini Haidar

It is Mr. Modi’s ability to re-energise foreign policy with his flourishes that distinguishes his tenure

>Infrastructure: Connecting the nation - Mahim Pratap Singh

Bullet trains and aviation and port projects aims to shrink India

>Economy and development, financial measures, thrust to PPP - Puja Mehra

The Modi government was sworn in at a time when the economy was facing several challenges: The GDP grew at sub-5 per cent for two consecutive years, inflation was above the Reserve Bank’s comfort zone and both investor and consumer confidence had been shaky.

>Women in politics: Lagging behind - Ajai Sreevatsan

India’s 11 per cent representation is lower that those of Bangladesh (19.8 per cent), Nepal (29.9 per cent) and Pakistan (20.7 per cent).

>Centre-State ties: The Andhra challenge - Venkateshwarlu K

If the Prime Minister agrees to all the demands made by the TDP leader, he may invite criticism of giving in to coalition compulsions

>Knowledge sector: Education gets a boost; scepticism on the rise too - Smriti K Ramachandran

Government’s intent to ‘revitalise and reorganise’ the curriculum has met with scepticism.

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