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Telugus in Vizag, Jamshedpur seek rerouting of train

A direct train between Waltair (Visakhapatnam) and Tata, originally launched to meet the needs of Telugu people, employed in Tata Steel Plant, has been extended, in a phased manner. Now, the Tata-Ernakulam Express is bypassing Visakhapatnam Junction, depriving the largest city in Andhra Pradesh of a direct train to Tata.

The train was first extended to Madras (Chennai) and then to Alleppey. On the other side it was extended to Bokaro to meet the demands of people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, working in Bokaro Steel Plant.

During the 1970s, this train was split into two, with one portion starting from Tata as 8189 express and the other from Bokaro express as 3351 express.

Full occupancy

Both the trains after amalgamation at Rourkela used to run as 3351 express to Alleppey. This train used to run with full occupancy all through the year due to convenient timings in all major cities en route.

After the recent lockdown, the Bokaro portion was introduced as 03351 express as an individual special train and from January 28, 2021, another special train was introduced from Tata to Ernakulam as 08189 express, by changing the timings, and bypassing Visakhapatnam Junction, and in all likelihood these timings will be incorporated in the new timetable as a regular train.

Inconvenient timings

Though this train is given a halt at Duvvada, the inconvenient timings and the non-availability of local trains or shuttle services to the main station in Visakhapatnam is a major deterrent for passengers from using this train.

“The Waltair – Tata Nagar Express was originally launched during the 1960s. Visakhapatnam Junction used to be called as ‘Waltair’ in those days. The train used to be hauled by a steam locomotive in those days. Telugu people living in Visakhapatnam region and in Tata, for whom the train was originally meant, will now be deprived of a direct train,” says Nagabushanam, a retired railway employee.

Visakhapatnam, the largest city in Andhra Pradesh, is poised to become the Executive capital. Bypassing a major junction will cause untold hardship to the people. This train should be rerouted through Visakhapatnam, demand Telugu people from the two cities.

People from Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, M.P., Chhattisgarh and Odisha travel to Visakhapatnam city for education, employment and medical purposes. Visakhapatnam is a medical hub with state-of-the-art hospitals and an upcoming IT hub.

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