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Laughter is the best medicine

Workers of a factory taking part in laughing therapy at Kuppam in Chittoor district on Monday.

Workers of a factory taking part in laughing therapy at Kuppam in Chittoor district on Monday.  

Clap, laughter therapy to boost morale of industrial workers in Chittoor

After a gap of 80 days, over 1,200 industrial units, including three hazardous factories, went into full-fledged restart mode in the district on Monday.

This prompted the managements to launch “clap and laughter therapy” for the workers, who are yet to overcome the unsavoury moments of the COVID-19 lockdown, in the backdrop of financial crunch and threat of losing jobs and cut in salaries.

Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories (Rayalaseema) M.V. Sivakumar Reddy told The Hindu that 1,00,898 workers employed in about 1,200 factories would be cheered up and made to get back into working mode through clap and laughter therapy.

“During inspections, we observed that a majority of the workers are in a confused state of mind. The impact of lockdown had resulted in stress in their families and their general mood is dominated by apprehensions about their future. At this stage, it will be risky to allow them to work in hazardous industries and on high-speed machines,” Mr. Reddy said.

The official said the services of yoga trainers and therapists would be utilised to bring back enthusiasm among the workers. “We have launched the clap and laughter therapy at a couple of hazardous industries in Sri City and Kuppam. The workers, who earlier looked dull, are now slowly returning to normal.”

Mr. Reddy said the lockdown had dampened the mood of workers. “It has slowed down their thinking process and they are prone to diversions. This would not only endanger their lives, but also others in the unit, besides spreading the ill-effects in the surroundings in case of any mishap. We want to leave no stone unturned to increase the confidence among the workers,” the official said.


Meanwhile, the Department of Factories has urged industrial units, which are using ammonia, to register their firms and opt for a week-long training for their workers. All the units were instructed to compulsorily follow the COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing of masks, use of thermal screening, sanitisers and maintaining social distancing norms.

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