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Good old earthen pots , with a modern touch

Every summer, P. Parvathamma makes sure that she gets some space beside a busy road in the city here to sell what she banks on the most to earn a decent living. She sells earthen pots which are meant for drinking water and made in different sizes.

“Many people are opting for pot water during summer. It is as cool as fridge water and it is natural. Some are coming in cars to buy these,” says Parvathamma, who ekes out her livelihood by selling pottery items purchased from interior parts of the district in bulk.

Of late, special pots are being made with taps fitted to them for the comfort of the urban people, who do not like dipping glasses in the pot as hands may touch inside water. The earthen pots come in three sizes mostly having a capacity of 20 litres to 30 litres. They are priced at Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per pot.

Saving on costs

If one uses pot water, it is an opportunity not only to get natural mineral-rich drinking water but also to save on the power costs on the fridge. Moreover, the power cuts leave people unable to use refrigerators most of the time.

Ms. Parvathamma’s family has no facility to make pots on their own and they buy in bulk from the makers located at Talamanchi, Udayagiri and Alluru.

“We buy them in lorry loads at the rate of Rs. 30,000 per load. It can be sold in two to three weeks and we get an income of nearly Rs.10,000,” she said.

On how to use them

While selling the pots, her family members make sure that they give tips to buyers on how to use the pots. Pot water is more effective if the pot is kept on a sand spread as this increases natural coolness, she said.

Pot water is more opted for by those who have to work outdoors during hot summer days.

Though it is as cool as fridge water, it won’t lead to any side effects like throat infections.

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