As it happened: Monsoon Session of Parliament, Day 3

Kashmir issue, the anti-Dalit violence in Gujarat and a U.P. BJP functionary's remarks against BSP chief Mayawati dominate Day 3 of the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

July 20, 2016 10:00 am | Updated September 18, 2016 02:56 pm IST

The monsoon session of Parliament entered the third day on Wednesday. The rising violence in Kashmir, flood control measures and demolition of Ambedkar Bhavan were prominent among the discussions.

The Lok Sabha witnessed heated exchange of words when Home Minister Rajnath Singh briefed the House on the recent political developments in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party have separately served notice on adjournment motion in the Lok Sabha to highlight atrocities against Dalits, especially in Gujarat, following the brutal assualt on some of them for allegedly skinning the flesh a dead cow.

The Rajya Sabha was adjourned twice following ruckus over the Una incident, and later for the day over remarks made against BSP chief Mayawati.

The Modi government and PDP-BJP dispensation of Jammu and Kashmir came under attack in the Lok Sabha over the unrest in the Valley, with the Opposition alleging their failure to address the situation and pressing for a political solution.

As it happened:

8.34 pm: The discussion on the Kashmir situation concludes and the Lok Sabha is adjourned for the day.

8.33 pm: Kashmir is slipping away from our hands, says Ranjan.

8.20 pm: Rajesh Ranjan, better known as Pappu Yadav, speaks on the Kashmir issue.

7.48 pm: Sense of alienation is growing in Kashmir, says Chowdhury.

7.45 pm: Congress's Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury speaks now.

7.37 pm: We told them we will talk with ballots, not bullets. But we are sending out the message that we would respond to stones with pellets, says Owaisi.

7.36 pm: We should ask ourselves whether we treat Kashmiris as regular citizens, says Owaisi.

7.36 pm: AIMIM's Salahudin Owaisi is speaking in the debate.

7.34 pm: Govt. should honour agreements with surrendering militants to prevent them from going back, as well as to instill confidence in those willing to lay down arms, says Sangma.

7.33 pm: We need development for peace, not the other way around, says Sangma adding peace will follow development automatically.

7.30 pm: Sangma condemns AFSPA and wants the “draconian Act” repealed.

7.28 pm: Instead of spending too much on the borders, we should invest in infrastucture, says Sangma.

7.25 pm: Pakistan Army and ISI are keeping Kashmir alive to keep themselves alive, says Sangma.

7.23 pm: NPP's Conrad Sangma makes his maiden speech, says blaming each otherb won't help. He compares Kashmir and Northeast.

7.19 pm: Terrorism is engineered by Pakistan, but is it the only reason for the turbulence in Kashmir, asks Basheer.

7.18 pm: Security forces in Kashmir have an unseen, sharp weapon in AFSPA, says Basheer.

7.17 pm: Basheer condemns "muzzling of media" in J&K.

7.16 pm: IUML's E. T. Mohammed Basheer says the current govt. in J&K is the most inefficient govt. the State has ever seen.

7.05 pm: INLD MP Dushyant Chautala asks, "Is Kashmir a problem or some people with vested interests want to keep it as a problem?"

6.59 pm: It's time to give Pakistan a fitting response to resolve the Kashmir issue, says Ajmal.

6.57 pm: Badruddin Ajmal of the AIUDF speaks in the discussion.

6.52 pm: You (Pakistan) gave guns in our youth's hands, how did that benefit you, asks Baig.

6.46 pm: With Prime Minister's "use minimum force” comment, I see light at the end of the tunnel, says Baig.

6.44 pm: I don't shed tears for Burhan wani, but I do shed tears for that youth who lost his eyes due to pellet fire, says Baig.

6.41 pm: If India has an option to use its moral authority, it's better, says Baig.

6.40 pm: There were several militants, with whom talks were held and they were allowed to contest polls and went on to become lawmakers, says Baig.

6.37 pm: If he is not allowed to speak here, where will he speak, asks Minister S.S. Ahluwalia in defence of Baig.

6.35 pm: Congress' Venugopal objects to Baig's comments.

6.33 pm: A Muslim is as good an Indian, a Kashmiri is as good an Indian as Rajnath ji, says Baig.

6.32 pm: We have joined hands with BJP, because BJP was elected by the people of India, says Baig.

6.31 pm: In the name of elections you enacted a fraud and now you are stifling my voice, says Baig.

6.30 pm: Baig's comments draw protest from different quarters.

6.28 pm: Kashmiris are pro-Indian, not pro-Pakistan. Who gave guns in their hands. It's us, says Baig.

6.25 pm: Both Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad and Syed Mir Qasim were removed as CMs once started asserting Kashmir issues, says Baig.

6.23 pm: Kashmir's first Assembly was formed without an election, from there the trouble started, Baig says.

6.22 pm: Who gave Pakistan the opportunity to play its games in Kashmir, asks Baig.

6.17 pm: PDP's Muzaffar Hussain Baig speaks. You gave M.J. Akbar 15 minutes time since his mother was Kashmiri, give me more time too since I myself is a Kashmiri, says Baig.

6.05 pm: If we can cut cake for Nawaz Sharif's birthday, we can sit and talk with Kashmiris too, says AAP's Bhagwant Mann.

5.35 pm: “When children were killed in Peshawar terror attack, India had unequivocally condemned it. But Burhan Wani (Hizb-ul-Mujahideen leader) was killed, Pakistan is observing ‘black day’,” he says.

5.30 pm: MoS for External Affairs M.J. Akbar speaks during the discussion on the Kashmir situation. “If Pakistan feels that it will keep playing with terrorism and use it as a tool against India, then we can tackle the challenge. But they won’t be able to tackle it. You (Pakistan) are committing suicide,” he says.

5.18 pm: It's only sensible to have a separate Kashmir Ministry, says Velagapalli.

5.07 pm: The recent eruption in Kashmir was not in isolation, it was a result of insecurity, says YSRCP member Varaprasad Rao Velagapalli.

5.03 pm: Call an all-party meeting to deal with the Kashmir issue, says Salim.

4.59 pm: Pellets are not leaving perforations just on Kashmiri youth's faces, but on our relationships, says Salim.

4.54 pm: Burhan Wani's killing was just a trigger, says Salim.

4.52 pm: CPI(M)'s Mohd. Salim says the Kashmir violence was not unexpected. It didn't happen in one day, he says.

4.49 pm: TRS' Boora Narsaiah Goud says Kashmir issue is neither political nor religious.

4.39 pm: Earlier, in a written reply to a question Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir told the Rajya Sabha that Pakistan had formulated a new strategy to promote radicalisation among youths through vested groups and social media to give it the shape of a civil resistance in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This year, Pakistan strategy has been to try and promote radicalisation through vested groups and social media so that this can be given the shape of a civil resistance.”

The terrorist groups have become desperate and were incited to attack the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, he said.

4.26 pm: Arvind Ganpat Sawant speaks in the Kashmir discussion.

4.20 pm: SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav speaks. "Pakistani terrorists and separatists are targeting Kashmir's youth. They are killing innocents."

4.09 pm: Outrage created by the armed forces cannot be ignored, says the BJD member.

4.08 pm: How many education loans have been given to Kashmir youths? How many medium and small industries set up, asks Satpathy

4.05 pm: Kashmir didn't happen in one day, not just with the death of a man popular in social media, says Satpathy.

4.04 pm: They talk about azadi . Have we ever tried to find out? May be it's azadi from poverty... May be it's azadi from a police state... they do not wish to leave India, says Satpathy.

3.58 pm: BJD's Tathagata Satpathy says Scindia and Thakur, both involved in "business of cricket", made hollow speeches.

3.42 pm: Back in the Lok Sabha, the House is still discussing the Kashmir issue.

3.41 pm: Kurien adjourns Rajya Sabha for the day following ruckus over remarks against Mayawati.

3.40 pm: House is ready for discussion, please go back, Kurien tells members.

3.39 pm: Minister Naqvi raises point of order.

3.35 pm: Ruckus in the House over remarks against Mayawati, members troop to the well of the House and shout slogans against government.

3.29 pm: If people take to streets I cannot do anything, says Mayawati.

3.28 pm: If BJP wants to go forward, they should learn to respect Dalits, says Mayawati.

3.26 pm: The man used the language against his sister, his daughter because people treat me as daughter and sister, says Mayawati.

3.24 pm: I ask all members present here did I ever used any abusive language against anybody, asks Mayawati

3.23 pm: Mayawati speaks in the Rajya Sabha.

3.19 pm: The govt. should take stringent action as per law, says Kurien

3.18 pm: Everyone is one in condemning the remarks against Mayawati, says Deputy Chairman Kurien

3.17 pm: That man needs to be arrested, says Renuka Chowdhury

3.15 pm: In what right this man is speaking in this uncivilised manner, says Renuka Chowdhury. "Are we here to pay lip service?"

3.13 pm: Kumari Shelja condemns remarks against Mayawati.

3.09 pm: BSP leader S.C. Mishra wants action against Dayashankar Singh under SC/ST Act.

3.07 pm: Arun Jaitley says government will look into the remarks. He says he expresses regret over use of such remarks.

3.06 pm: DMK member Kanimozhi condemns the remarks, says it's deplorable and unacceptable. Personal comments are used as weapons against women in public life, she says.

3.05 pm: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi: BJP condemns the remarks.

3.02 pm: The Rajya Sabha has reconvened, Ghulam Nabi Azad is speaking. He condemns reported remarks made by BJP's vice-president in Uttar Pradesh Dayashankar Singh against BSP chief Mayawati.

3.01 pm: Anurag Thakur of the BJP speaks on the discussion, says it's easy to accuse.

2.59 pm: Secure our borders, secure our people before its too late, we are with you, but act with a plan, says Scindia

2.57 pm: The government has failed in multiple fronts, charges Scindia.

2.53 pm: When you were sitting here (opposition benches) you were very gharam, but when you went there (Treasury benches) you became naram , says Scindia.

2.52 pm: Why didn't a single Union Minister visited Kashmir during all this, asks Scindia

2.51 pm: Scindia's speach is misleading, says MoS Home Kiren Rijiju

2.48 pm: The Prime Minister, who was on a foreign tour, took time to wish on a Minister's birthday, commented on France and Turkey, but chose not to drop a word on Kashmir, says Scindia.

2.45 pm: How many deaths do this government need to wake up, asks Scindia.

2:34 pm: Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia speaks now.

2:30 pm: Lok Sabha re-assembles after lunch.

01:10 pm : A SAD MP raises the issue of a Sikh student beaten up in Hyderabad mistaking him to be a Kashmiri. Such cases of mistaken identities were reported in Western nations and Indian government responded. But it is unfortunate to see such incident happen in this country. Such incidents only divide the nation, he says.

12:40 pm: A BJP member requests the Speaker to remove Pappu Yadav's reference on cows. He says it affects "the sentiments of crores of people as cow is worshipped by many."

12:39 pm: Mallikarjun Kharge says, "We ask you about today's incident, you are relating 70 year history. He demands setting up of joint parliament committee into the incident. We want to know who is involved, BJP or RSS?"

12:35 pm: "Our Government is committed to stop these atrocities," Mr. Singh says. Never in free India have such steps been taken as under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "We brought Dalits and poor to the mainstream by enabling them to create bank accounts and get insurance. Stand up India was started for these people."

12:33 pm: In Gujarat, from 1991 to 1999, 1600-1700 incidents of Dalit atrocities were reported every year. After 2001, there is a huge decline, Mr. Singh says, quoting NCRB data.

12:28 pm: Dalit atrocities in whichever State are unfortunate. Ironical that these happen decades after freedom. Atrocities against Dalits is a social evil. All parties should take it as a challenge and unite to free India of such things, says Mr. Singh.

12:27 pm: The Gujarat government has approached High Court to create a special court to try the case. "I appreciate the Gujarat government for the quick response," Mr Singh says. Opposition objects to this.

12:24 pm: Mr. Singh says, "The case has been transferred to the CID. A DSP is looking into it. The SC/ST cell is also investigating the issue. The State government has announced Rs. 4 lakh as compensation for victims."

12:21 pm: The incident happened on July 11 in Una. Victims were taking off the skin of a cow. Accused abused them and beat them with rods. Cases were registered under IPC sections and atrocity law, and nine of the accused have been arrested, Mr. Singh says.

12:20 pm: "I agree with what MP Suresh has said. It is a serious issue. So, I appeal please hear me with patience. Respond after statement please," he says as Opposition members interrupt his speech.

12:17 pm: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh responds. Whatever happened in Una is most unfortunate and I condemn it in strongest words, he says.

12:16 pm: Pappu Yadav says a cow cannot be protected by harming humans. "I will kill a lakh cows to defend one human," he says. Nothing is above humanity, he says.

12:12 pm: Kodikkunnil Suresh raises the Una incident and Dalit protests in Saurashtra. RSS is trying to make Dalit-Mukt Bharat, he says. BJP members protest. This is BJP-sponsored atrocity. Is this Gujarat model? Please appoint joint committee and send it to assess Gujarat situation, he says.

12:10 pm: Mallikarjun Kharge asks Speaker to allow taking up of Gujarat issue. Speaker says she will allot time, but not now.

12:05 pm:Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2pm

11:39 am: Prem Das Rai, Sikkim MP, requests Ministry to resolve the connectivity issue in Sikkim, where laying optical fibres are delayed due to frequent landslides. Mr. Prasad says government is considering WiFi connectivity in hilly areas.

11:32 am: IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says the biometric data of individuals obtained from Aadhaar are safe. We have laid 1.25 lakh km of optical fibre in two years, he says. The Ministers are responding to MPs questions during Question Hour.

11:30 am: We will never sign the NPT, says Ms. Swaraj.

11:27 am: "If we are a member, we can become a rule maker inside," she says and adds: "We did not create a hype, we tried our best." She blames China for India not making it to NSG. "China created procedural hurdle on how non-NPT states can be made NSG members." But an optimistic Ms. Swaraj says, "We will engage them. If they don't agree today, it doesn't mean they will never agree..."

11:26 am: In Lok Sabha, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj appraises the House on India's bid to the Nuclear Suppliers Group. "While it was asked earlier, whether India will be able to become NSG member, now it is asked when? This is our success," she says.

11:25 am:Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 noon.

11:21 am: Social Justice Minister Thaawar Chand Gehlot assures inquiry into the Una incident. He says guilty will not be punished. Opposition is unhappy with the reply.

11:10 am: In Chair: Deputy Chairperson Kurien. Opposition members storm the Well.

11:00 am: Rajya Sabha proceedings begin. Opposition parties raise the issue of atrocities against Dalits.

10:30 am: The Lok Sabha is likely to discuss the situation arising out of recent violence in Kashmir Valley resulting in threat to peace and security of people of the State.

10:00 am: The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill, 2016, is likely to be tabled in Rajya Sabha today.

09:45 am: Congress has served notice for an adjournment motion in the Lok Sabha over incidents in Una, Gujarat

09:30 am: Aam Aadmi Party MP Bhagwant Mann sends a notice for an adjournment motion in the Lok Sabha on atrocities against Dalits.

(With inputs from Vikas Pathak and National Bureau)

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