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People-centric management

Kanan Khatau Chikhal  

Technology, globalisation and competition have created a different business universe.

Where texting supersedes conversations. Where the mouth is used more for the hands-free and the ears for headsets versus listening and talking to people. Sometimes people sacrifice relationships in the pursuit of results.

Most of us look at business and relationships as separate with two distinct attributes. At the end of the day both are fuelled by the same qualities to excel.

Relationships are the driving force for business and business is the renewed energy for relationships. For business sales to close and only multiply, what’s the single algorithm that repeats customers, refers new ones, and keeps them satisfied? It’s trust in the relationship. It’s truly how the business leader develops bonds within the organisation that will reflect on the owner. The deeper your relationship the stronger is their leadership. In your journey deliver more value to your employees and stakeholders, they will deliver and perform for you. Money follows contribution.

Business is a human venture that brings people together. It’s time for business leaders to be ‘human’ for enhanced skill in business success.

“H” in human stands for helpfulness. The more you are helpful to your employees the more they will do for you beyond what they are paid for committing yourself to being the most helpful.

“U” in Human is understanding. This needs deep listening. Hear people understand their perception without wanting to impose your limited paradigm of reality. Each of us wants to be understood. How many of us are willing to understand? We all have a voice inside us that wants to be heard. When we feel we feel safe we open up to that person. The same applies to clients. They will buy more when they trust you.

“M” stands for mingle. Connect with your employees and network with your customers. People love doing business with people they like. Refrain from being at your own cubicle behind the firewall of your email. Have coffee and lunches with employees, vendors and clients. Remind them of your loyalty in turbulent times as much as good times.

“A” is for amuse. Step out of the closet of serious work. Have fun, enjoy yourself. It boosts your productivity and makes you more engaged within the organisation. Stress is lesser and the excitement to sell is more. The enthusiasm to service customers is more when “N” stands for nurture. As against getting more from your employees and clients, nurture them. In older business standards, the loss of one customer for a lack of delivery was okay because they were readily replacable. Or a dissatisfied employee was let go of under the premise of replacement of human capital. The use of technology can aid an angry client and disheartened employee to write negative feedback online, tarnishing all you have built over the years. What you give you get. Nurture not just your top management which is probably the face of your company, but also the help that keeps your office clean and tidy. Each teammate is valuable and their actions count. Each beautiful relationship within an organisation can spill over throughout the entire company.

Life is busy, yet create time for a smile, a positive word and appreciation of others. When you take care of employees, customers and vendors, money will follow suit. Help people achieve their goals and visions and they will help you achieve yours. Invest well.

Dr Chikhal is a performance coach for life and business

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