Watch | Is Chennai convenient for its Differently-abled citizens?

Chennai is spread over 400 square kilometres and with a population of 7.1 million. This 382-year-old city does not fail to entice its residents and the tourists alike but today we are here to ask a very important question - ‘How differently-abled friendly is Chennai city?’

Illogical pedestrian crossings, inaccessible pavements and inconvenient public transport make it rather hostile for its differently abled citizens.

Raghuraman, a visually challenged professor, S. Aadheeshwar Ram, a student, Smitha Sadasivam, a member of the Chennai chapter of Multiple Sclerosis Society and Vaishnavi Jayaraj, co-founder of The Banyan share their experiences, views and concerns.

While the state has been taking steps to make the city more differently-abled person friendly other citizens give little to no cooperation. Parking on pavements, unauthorised U-turns and other negligent moves are steps away from an inclusive city. Avoiding these habits will make the city more differently-abled person friendly.

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