Most of six-kg tumour removed

Five months ago, 55-year-old Chakraborty,* a farmer from West Bengal’s Nadiya district, realised his stomach had swollen out of proportion on his spare frame, and he was suffering from an incessant stomach ache. He visited a number of doctors who detected a massive tumour that occupied his entire abdomen.

Initially, he was told that his cancer was inoperable and that he would die on the table. He finally approached Lifeline Hospitals in Chennai, and they agreed to perform the surgery.

“On investigation, we found he had a liposarcoma of over six kg, and close to a foot in length,” Dr. Rajkumar, of Lifeline Hospitals, said. “We used a new hemostatic agent called ‘Stops Bleeding,’ which is a starch called Amylopectin that promotes the clotting of blood,” he said, adding that they had imported the hemostatic agent from the U.S.

Now, three days after the operation, around 98 per cent of the tumour had been removed, he added.

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