Keep pet cats indoors

Keep your cat safe at home  

Cats are extraordinary creatures, make great companions and are very intelligent and affectionate. They were worshipped by the ancient pharaohs. They evoke admiration and awe. If you are thinking of getting a kitten or you are a new cat owner, there are some important things to know — their diet and why they should remain indoors.

Several cats die upon consuming rat poison while outdoors. They could be attacked by dogs and other animals. Even when traffic is slow, cats do run out in front of cars and get hit. They are also at risk near parked automobiles, when drivers don’t see the cat in front of their car when they start it.

For these reasons, outdoor cats do not live as long as indoor cats. Indoor cats can live up to 15 years. People generally think that cats can find their way back once they go outside, but in reality many cats get lost.

Cats are strict carnivores and cannot sustain their life unless they eat meat in some form. They require taurine which can only be found in meat. Taurine is required for the healthy functioning of the heart, retina and bile fluid. While meat, poultry or fish can be given to them in cooked form, it is good to include some special cat food found in pet stores. They are enhanced with several vitamins and amino acids that are essential for their health.

Windows can be left open as long as there is protective steel (netlon) to prevent them from going outside. Please ensure you never keep your doors open and request your household help to be careful too.

Cats can easily be taught to use a litter tray. You can use store-bought unscented litter or sawdust which is safe for cats. So, have a great time with them as they make the most excellent companions and most importantly, make sure you keep them indoors.

(The cat in the picture is a healthy, friendly one-year-old male cat. Contact the author at 9840918618 to adopt him.)

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