Sun film with extra tint should be removed from cars before May 19

Tinted glasses will be a thing of the past on vehicle. File photo   | Photo Credit: P_V_SIVAKUMAR

In the wake of a Supreme Court order prohibiting usage of sun films on windows and windshields of cars, the police will begin penalising errant vehicle owners from May 20.

A senior traffic police official said that vehicle owners in the city have been given time till May 19 to get rid of sun films on windows and windshields of their cars.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, East-Traffic division, Muthanna B.A., said that cars, at the time of delivery, will have a thin film on their windows and windshields, with the permissible level of tint. “Only this is allowed,” he said. Vehicle owners, who have added tint to stock windows and windshields after purchasing their vehicles, will have to remove them, he added.

According to a statement, vehicles will be allowed to have sun films with 70 per cent visual light transmission (VLT) for front and rear windscreens, and 50 per cent VLT for side glasses, under Rule 100 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989.


After May 19, if vehicle owners are found violating the law, they will be fined Rs. 300, and repeated violations will land them in jail for contempt of court, Mr. Muthanna said. Mr. Muthanna added that several criminal activities have been reported in the recent past in many cities across the country in such vehicles. Hence, the Supreme Court has ordered the removal of sun films to avert such activities in vehicles.

He, however, said that vehicle owners who have obtained permission from the Union Home Ministry to have tinted glasses in view of their safety will be allowed to have such sun films on their vehicles.

When pointed out that several celebrities and businessmen use cars with sun films, Mr. Muthanna said that the law will apply to everybody, including celebrities and businessmen. “Only, people with Z plus security, having permission from Union Home Ministry, will be exempted from the rule,” he said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety, Bangalore, T. Shama Bhatt, said that the Supreme Court has directed all States to strictly implement the provisions of Rule 100 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

The Transport Department has formed squads to check such vehicles.

Violators will be fined and action will be taken to suspend registration certificates as per Section 53 (1) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Mr. Bhatt said.

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