‘Saraswathi Gora was a great humanist’

German Freethinkers Association president Volker Muller inaugurating the Saraswathi Gora photo exhibition in Vijayawada on Friday. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar  

The contribution of Saraswathi Gora to humanism and atheism was in some ways greater than that of Gora himself, said speakers at the inauguration of an international conference held as part of her 100 birth anniversary.

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) president Sonja Eggerickx, Dravidar Kazhagam president and Periyar Maniaammai University Chancellor K. Veeramani, former editor of Humanist magazine Jim Herrick, and German Freethinkers Association president Volker Mueller participated in the function on Friday.

Ms. Eggerickx said women had an equally important role in promoting humanism and rationalism in the world.

Many in the world were not aware of the strong atheist movement in India and the ancient atheist traditions, she said and added that the inauguration of the International Atheist Research Centre was a significant development. Social dimensions of the research centre were “immense”, she said, adding that humanist and atheist theory should be discussed thoroughly and the findings shared.

Mr. Veeramani said it was very easy for men to fight for a cause, but difficult for women and hence Saraswathi Gora was greater than Gora. The atheists and rationalists were better citizens of India than the others because they followed the Fundamental Duties in letter and spirit.

Mr. Herrick said he had spent two months in Atheist Centre to do research for a book. The book entitled “The Athesit Centre: Unbound by Cages” was released by Mr. Veeramani on the occasion.

Former Vice-chancellor of Open University RVR Chandrasekhara Rao compared the Gora couple to several other couples who were known for their contribution to mankind. Former vice-chancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna University V. Balamohandas said Saraswathi Gora was personification of the word, service.

Ms Eggerickx inaugurated the Gora and Saraswathi Gora Atheist International Research Centre and Mr. Mueller inaugurated a photo exhibition on Saraswathi Gora. Gora’s sons and social activists G. Vijayam and G. Samaram spoke about the contributions of their mother. Atheist Centre chairperson J. Mythri welcomed the gathering.

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