Will vote for party that fast tracks development, says Jaggi Vasudev

With reverence: Founder of Isha Foundation Jaggi Vasudev feeding a bull during the Pongal celebrations held at Isha Yoga Centre on Friday.   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Founder of Isha Foundation Jaggi Vasudev said on Friday that his vote during the upcoming Assembly election will be for the party which would fast track development and address issues such as agriculture and skill development.

A press release said that he delivered a public lecture after nearly one year during the Pongal celebrations conducted at the Isha Yoga Centre.

Mr. Vasudev listed five issues namely revitalisation of River Cauvery, promotion of organic farming, establishment of high-quality skill development centres for the youth in all districts, transferring the management of temples to competent and responsible community members and improving the quality of education in government schools by establishing quality academies. He sai that his vote will be for the party which will address these issues.

Noting that he will not advocate voting for any particular party, Mr. Vasudev said that the voters must create their individual list of priorities to make an informed decision on voting, according to the release.

He further claimed in his lecture that none of the around 4,200 residents of Isha Yoga Centre contracted COVID-19 in the past year.

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