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What’s your ‘rashi’?

On World Yoga Day, Vyshnavie Sainath Yagnesh is set to unravel asanas based on zodiac signs

As we roll out our yoga mats to celebrate the International Yoga Day on June 21, dancer Vyshnavie Sainath Yagnesh focusses on astro yoga. In a unique presentation on Friday, the young dancer will be showcasing yoga, based on zodiac signs. Admitting that she was apprehensive as it’s her first attempt towards astro yoga, Vyshnavie shares, “I decided to start with an easier topic of zodiac signs as there are asanas related to them, even though they are interpretative. It was a casual discussion with her husband Yagnesh Ramalingam which stirred her imagination. “Yagnesh is studying astrology and since he is also from the science background, I cleared my doubts with him. He was my source and I also read online to gather knowledge on people taking up these different asanas. I wanted to try my interpretation which is the closest I connect to.”

She was also inspired when Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated her after watching her presentation of yoga and nritta. “As a classical dancer I want to create the importance of healthy living through dance-yoga.”

What’s your ‘rashi’?

The show is divided into different segments in which Vyshnavie and 30 of her students from different walks of life and age groups ( “My oldest student is 64 year old and the youngest is 5”) will present kalari, acro, nrithya yoga. The rashi yoga piece will have Vyshnavie and15 students on stage. Vyshnavie calls it a collective effort. “The group was enthusiastic to do the zodiac signs as each one wanted to know more about their signs too. For once I didn’t feel like I was putting in all the ideas as it came from everyone.”

Of yoga and signs Vyshnavie and her students during a practice session By arrangement

Of yoga and signs Vyshnavie and her students during a practice session By arrangement  

The zodiac piece presentation is purely her interpretation, which is the result of her research. She explains how she came up with the downward dog asana for Gemini. “The Gemini zodiac sign has twins. In the asana, your weight is equally distributed through the feet and arms representing the twin energy. The energy of the whole body splits to two. And hence I felt downward dog for Gemini is appropriate.” For Leo, she took the Simha position from kalaripayattu and juxtaposed it with a Simhaasana.

The presentation will have music which complements and enhances the piece. “We couldn’t find something that fits every asana so we are going with general music.”

Vyshnavie keeps her fingers crossed at her first attempt at a full-fledged yoga-based production. “I am nervous but excited too; If people connect to this new concept, I hope to develop it into a new production,” she says.

(International yoga day celebrations A special presentation featuring rashiyog yoga based on zodiac signs by Vyshnavie Sainath Yagnesh and her 30 disciples on June 21 at Apollo Amphi Theatre, Apollo Health City, Film Nagar at 6 30 pm; Entry free)

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