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The awe factor in Auckland


On a holiday in New Zealand, designer Nachiket Barve relives memories of his teenage years in the island nation

9.40 am Auckland is verdant and marvellous to live in. Climbing up the grass-laden slopes of the volcanic Mount Wellington in the midst of the city is such a liberating experience. The views have the Tasman sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

10.15 am I was staying near Cockle Bay and this rock formation caught my eye… the stories of the Earth’s history from millions of years are forever embedded in these formations.

11.23 am When I lived in Auckland as a teenager, my first job was at a burger joint, to support myself. I went back there after 18 years and met a wonderful lady who was a co-worker. It was a touching moment for both of us.

12.15 pm La Dolce Vita… beautiful New Zealand white wine and alfresco dining off the Kariotahi beach with a wild wind blowing and the sun shining. What more could one ask for?

1.45pm The black sand and fierce surf of the Kariotahi beach are mirrored in the image and it feels like time stopped in its tracks for a moment.

5.30 pm Piha beach is a stunning raw beach but it is dangerous and claims many lives. The iconic Lion’s Rock and the sea near it are captured in this panoramic image.

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