Choosing a ride for the long run

Try the petrol Seltos

Vivek Saigal, Surat: Which one should I buy between the petrol- and diesel-automatic Seltos? I don’t have budget constraints. However, I am looking for some change in driving feel from my current 2011 Honda City. Will diesel offer a change in pickup punch and is it a long-term buy (for at least 10 years)?

We would suggest you go in for the Seltos 1.4 turbo-petrol. The turbo has a strong mid-range (which the City lacks) and you feel a nice kick when you floor it. The City engine loves to be revved, whilst the Seltos’ turbo-petrol delivers performance more effortlessly. The diesel is good too, but it won’t give you the same exciting driving feel.

Choose the S-Presso

Lokesh Kalyani, Hyderabad: Should I buy the Renault Kwid BS-IV or the Maruti Suzuki

S-Presso BS-VI?

The Kwid’s styling and interior design are more appealing than the boxy S-Presso’s, but overall the S-Presso is better in most respects. It has the nicer engine, better performance and a smoother ride too. Space too is better. Also, Maruti’s sales and service network is better than Renault’s.

Keep the Audi Q3

Aayush Singhania, Raipur: I currently own a 2013 Audi Q3 and am in a dilemma on whether I should replace it with another luxury car or if I should continue using it, as it still is in very good condition with no problems in sight. But I am worried what will happen if it meets with an accident or comes up with a serious breakdown and the cost of repairing exceeds the price of the car.

The Q3 is fairly reliable and, if maintained properly, should give you good service for a few more years. Bear in mind though that you are entering a window where problems are likely to crop up. These can be expensive to fix and parts for the Q3 are not cheap. If you have an accident, then any car, old or new, will be expensive to fix, and usually this cost should be covered by your insurance. Our advice is to hang onto your car for another year, by which time a new range of BS-VI vehicles will come.

BS-VI fuel is fine

Phaneendra Reddy, Bengaluru: Can I fill BS-VI fuel in my BS-IV Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS? Its 1.0-litre booster-jet engine was detuned to support low-grade fuel quality in India.

There is no issue at all filling BS-VI fuel in a BS-IV car. In fact, the slightly higher octane rating of BS-VI fuel will be beneficial to the performance of your Baleno RS. So you can go ahead and use BS-VI fuel without worry.

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