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Scoring their brownie points

Pat a cake! Tanisha Christo, Atul Saraff and Nitin Kamath  

They're students of architecture but amid innumerable fests, crazy deadlines for assignments and recurring internals, they find time to pursue their passion. Tanisha Christo, Atul Saraff and Nitin Kamath run Brownie Points, and their sinful treats would make anyone weak in the knees.

Tanisha says: “There were many events that led to the start of this but the underlining factor was that the three of us shared a passion for food. We knew that together we may be able to work at running this company. It started out as an experiment but so far it has been working out really well.”

This clearly wasn't what they'd imagined they'd be doing as future engineers but once they launched their business, there's been no stopping, no turning back.

Brownie Points doesn't yet boast of a huge menu of decadent goodies. “We have just three items on sale at the moment — brownies, banana loaves and lemon muffins. We chose these particular three because each is so different, in taste and appearance and most people will find a favourite in at least one of them,” Tanisha informs.

Ask her how difficult it was for three collegians to set up something like this and she replies: “The set up seemed easy — the kitchen, acquiring ingredients, deciding a menu, etc didn't take much effort or time. What was difficult was establishing the business — making a name for ourselves, finding customers. But we focused on perfecting the quality of our products and that ultimately has brought us to where we are now.” Baking runs in Tanisha's family, and she herself has been baking for some years. Over the past few months, Atul and Nitin have also learnt how to bake. It's been quite a learning experience for all of them.

She adds: “The pluses are innumerable as it is something we all enjoy and it was a nice change from college work. Satisfying our customers is also quite thrilling. The negatives do not stand out, especially when we are reminded that we pursuing something we all love.”

The families of the trio have been supportive of their decision to take the road less travelled with Brownie Points. In fact, the name itself was an idea of one of their parents.

And how do they balance work and studies? “We can't say it has been easy. We've often got orders in the most hectic parts of our college semester, but we are able to make time for both. If there is something you really want to do, you will make the time for it. Our friends have definitely helped in pushing us to do well in both studies and Brownie Points,” the baking enthusiast says.

Looking ahead, she says: “Our future plans include expanding our menu by incorporating some new flavours. We can definitely see ourselves supplying on a much larger scale. We're taking it one step at a time.”

To place orders, mail or visit Brownie Points on Facebook.

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