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Showers of blessings: Inside Kerala’s monsoon weddings

“Gone are the days where we would not expect wedding invitations during monsoons,” says Hareesh Babu, Director of city-based wedding planning company Impresario.

He adds that over the past few seasons his company has seen an increase in the number of queries on monsoon weddings. “The rain is synonymous with romance and couples are willing to say their wedding vows, with the sound of rain drops forming the background score,” he adds.

According to Hareesh, NRIs are game for weddings in the wet season as they don’t get the monsoon experience elsewhere. They recently executed the wedding of a Mumbai-based couple who wanted to make the most of the season, giving their guests a feel of the drama of a steady deluge from the heavens. The wedding planners built a massive, fully air conditioned transparent marquee outside the hotel for 400 guests. Spread over three days and eight events, the wedding was a weekend of celebration with Bollywood music, pool parties and rain dancing.

“We wanted to theme our wedding around Nature and Kerala. The venue was in Vagamon, a grassland ecosystem famous for its meadows,” says Rekha Thomas who had a July wedding last year. She adds, “Monsoon in Kerala is the coolest time to host an outdoor function. The biggest challenge is the mindset of the guests, who have to be adventurous,” She made sure that the invite clearly stated the outdoor venues so guests could dress accordingly.

Raindrops on roses
  • Better deals: Whether in Kerala or elsewhere make the most of this lean period and get better deals than peak season.
  • Vibrant décor: Cut the monsoon grey with splash of colour, fairy lights and floral prints. You may even incorporate monsoon theme décor.
  • Wedding attire, keep it short: Ensure your hems don’t drag through puddles. Wear bright colours with light fabric.

“The wedding itself was the biggest challenge the events team, Vivartah Event, had faced. It had rained non stop till the night before and into the wee hours of the wedding day. The outdoor marquee couldn’t be set up where the reception was to be held. On our wedding day the skies held up and only rained in intervals, which the guests enjoyed.”

“We tell guests to see rain as a backdrop to the wedding and to be prepared for it and enjoy it,” says Arabind Chandrashekhar of Tamarind Event Management Solutions. Monsoon weddings, he says, are not planned based on the rains. “The dates are fixed first, the rest comes later. We, Malayalis, see rain as a menace but for others, especially foreigners, see it as a bonus and we plan accordingly.”

Last year they had a bridegroom arrive on elephant back, and completely drenched. It was quite the entry. He had to change into a fresh set of clothes before the ceremony, but it was worth it. “Usually the weddings are held indoors, so there isn’t much of rains that we get to ‘use’. We have to get creative with how we make use of it, like the groom on the elephant.”

Showers of blessings: Inside Kerala’s monsoon weddings

“Monsoon weddings definitely top our list of favourite weddings. If one is spontaneous, it can be fun — starting with the invitation where you can let your guests know that the rain will be a part of the plan,” says Roshni Kurup, Creative Director of The Hue Story. “We go for a fun décor. Umbrellas with florals are cliché, but they still work. Pretty palettes, lighter clothes and make-up, and a good playlist,” she says. Discussing the food, she adds, “Hot tea and coffee are ideal during the rains. Grilled food and live dosa counters always work well. We usually have a separate tent for the food, making sure it is fully rain proofed.”

While the idea of a monsoon wedding is quite romantic, planning one is not as romantic, Roshni adds.

Right from logistical difficulties such as jammed roads, delayed execution, to having the team work in heavy downpour, it is far from easy, she says. It requires much more intensive planning and risk assessment, too.

Showers of blessings: Inside Kerala’s monsoon weddings

“We look for water proof structures and power outage backups are a must. However, what has helped us execute successful monsoon weddings is not just rigorous planning and execution, but the support of clients. While we try to point out the challenges, a client reminded us that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain. And, how that changed the spirit of the team was incredible.”

She has also met some very relaxed fathers of the brides, including one who chuckled: “You take care of the décor, and I will take care of the rain.”

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