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Meet beauty guru Jovita George

Screenshot of Jovita’s vlog   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Google Jovita George and a wide range of videos pop up. Jovita runs Mr Jovita George, a vlog channel on YouTube. And while there are beauty gurus a dime a dozen on the Internet, what sets Jovita apart is her emphasis on addressing prejudice against dark skin. “Indians are obsessed with being ‘fair and lovely’ and I have made multiple videos on this topic. I think this mindset is regressive and shameful. Because, when you aim to be someone else, you’re devaluing yourself. And I am all about self-empowerment,” says Jovita, whose videos on the bullying dark-toned women face, stem from personal experience.

A Malayali living in Kuwait, Jovita has worked as an engineer, marketing manager, fashion stylist, art director for fashion and product shoots, TV anchor and model before finally focussing on what she loves — fashion. Winning the Miss Kerala title in 2005 she says, in an e-mail interview, opened up doors for her. “I learnt about fashion, styling and the rules of good photography, which helped me start my blog and later Mr Jovita George in 2014.”

Jovita George

Jovita George   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

The channel has come a long way from when she started with zero viewership. The beauty guru now has 4,19,000 subscribers on YouTube and close to 65,000 following her on Instagram. Apart from make-up tutorials and fashion, Jovita also makes videos on relationships and travel.

“It started with me propping an old camera on my bedside table and rambling away to glory. I was surprised that people enjoyed them.” As she shoots the videos herself, the process is time-consuming; there are various factors that need to be taken care of before filming a video. “Just like how it is in a TV station, I have to make sure that the lights and camera settings are correct, batteries charged, SD cards ready. The material/content has to be well-researched and ready. I have to get ready for the shoot myself and then the filming happens. Post filming, there’s post production and publishing of the content.”

Jovita says that she gets viewer requests on a daily basis and goes on to make videos on the topics suggested if she finds them relevant. The most watched video on her channel is the one on how to get rid of hyperpigmentation, with 3.4 million views and a video on French make-up versus American make-up with 1.4 million views. Although Jovita receives PR samples from various cosmetic companies, she does buy a product to try if she is intrigued by it. And just as there are safe cosmetics, there are unsafe ones too.

Jovita George

Jovita George   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

“Although audiences now look to influencers for opinions on products they’re interested in trying, it is up to the consumer to make wise and informed choices on what they purchase and use on themselves. It takes a lot experimentation to find a product that will suit your skin,” says Jovita, adding that Indian products are just as good as Western ones. “The only thing we lack is diversity in shade for foundations and concealers,” she feels. Among our biggest make-up faux is choosing the wrong shade of foundation. “We still lack knowledge in that department. I see brides shade matched wrongly.”

Admitting that make-up and dressing up boosts her confidence, Jovita says she knows many “‘boss women’ who don’t need a patch of make-up or trendy clothes to aid their confidence. Some women find pleasure in taking the time to look pretty. Do whatever makes you happy.”

Screenshot of Jovita’s vlog

Screenshot of Jovita’s vlog   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Why Mr Jovita George?

In 2010, when I started following make-up gurus on Youtube, I decided to create my own YouTube account. But my name was already taken, and among the suggested names was Mr Jovita George. So, I was like well, if YouTube wants me to be Mr Jovita George, so be it! A lot of people think that I have made a mistake and politely try to correct me!

Make-up routine

My daily routine is no make-up, just a tinted lip balm. When I feel like applying something, it’s usually concealer, brows, mascara and lipstick.

Must haves

Two concealers — one brightening and another corrective, foundation, setting powder, brow product, eyeliner, mascara, neutral eyeshadow palette, highlighter and a few options for lipstick.

For starters

Practise at home. Take lots of pictures. This way you can see where you can improve and work on those areas.

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