The great kiddie sea party

Children will often eat their way through a pack of chips, but put a plate of healthy food in front of them, and they’ll turn into picky eaters. For Children’s Day, start a culture of healthy eating with these fun foods that are easy to put together, good to look at and tasty too. Get your children involved and create plates of food that inspire them to eat well. Come up with a theme with your child and build food stories around it.

Orange Goldfish


2 slices of orange

2 black grapes

3-4 black olives sliced

2-3 slices of kiwi & cucumber

Tiny piece of apple


Place the orange slices on a plate. Make the eyes with grapes and scales with halved olives. Trim out tiny ends from the cucumber slices and arrange as tail fin. Divide the kiwi slices into quarters for the sea weeds.

Add tiny pieces of apple over the kiwi weeds and also for the fish mouth. Finally, add some sliced olive for bubbles and serve.

Tomato Boats


2 large firm tomatoes

¼ cup hung curd/or hummus

1 tsp finely chopped fresh dill

Salt and oregano to taste

Pieces of red and yellow bell pepper

Some shredded cabbage

A few toothpicks


Using a spoon or a melon baller, scoop out the seeds from the tomatoes. Trim the peppers into triangles and mount on the toothpick. Mix together hung curd, dill and seasonings and fill in the hollowed tomato cups. Place the bell pepper masts in the filled tomatoes. Arrange the boats over shredded cabbage and serve

Octopus Sandwich


2 slices whole wheat bread

Scrambled egg/or any filling of your choice

Some lettuce

Red radish and cucumber slices

Tiny piece of yellow bell pepper

1 red bell pepper wedges

1 olive halved vertically


Using the rim of a glass or a cookie cutter cut out circles from the bread. Place the filling and lettuce on one and cover with another. Make eyes with red radish roundels and olives. Trim the piece of yellow pepper and cucumber to make the crown and mouth respectively. Place eight red pepper wedges for the tentacles. Serve.

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