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Beauty lies not just in the eyes of the beholder, but also in hair. One of the most important aspects of defining human beauty is stylish hair and with the millions of shampoo products that tell you how to take care of them on TV, you are bound to be confused on which is the perfect hair care. That is why we’ve put together a bunch of hair shampoo options for you to choose from; and they are all au naturel.

The ancient way

Think of organic, eco-friendly hair care and the top of the list is shikakai. Drawn from acacia concinna, the ayurvedic medicinal plant has been the traditional gold standard shampoo in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times, and continues to be the reason for the most enviable, shiny black hair. Prepared by drying and grinding the fruit pods, leaves and bark into a powder and then into a paste, the plant acts as a natural cleanser. A paste of the leaves also has anti-dandruff properties. While it is a chore to prepare the shampoo from scratch like in the times of our grandmothers who mix the powder into water, brands like VCare, Lotus, Khadi, Ayur and more are recreating the vintage shikakai in paste form which is easy to use and at the same time as effective as the powder.

The natural shampoo also acts as a conditioner and does wonders to the hair with a range of benefits from adding shine and softness, fighting dandruff, strengthening hair to preventing a dry scalp, delaying greyness, removing hair lice and functioning as a soothing head pack.

Available on Amazon and Flipkart as well as leading retail stores across the country, give shikakai a try at least once, and you won’t regret it.

From the vedas

A range of brands follow the Ayurveda path to hair care, including Shahnaz Husain, Biotique, Khadi and Patanjali among others.

Tapping into ancient ayurvedic wisdom and to combat modern day beauty problems, ayurvedic shampoos have a broad-spectrum of properties based on the main ingredient used in the product.

While anti-dandruff fall is taken care of by the neem shampoo, with neem offering anti-fungal properties that cleanses the scalp and prevents dandruff, the anti-damage shampoo infuses fenugreek and til tailam, which is known to work as a conditioner that nourishes the hair and restores shine. For anti-hairfall, look for one that incorporates an ayurvedic oil known as bhringamalakadi tailam that prevents breakage and promotes hair growth while nourishing hair from the roots.

DIY Hibiscus Shampoo

Nothing beats concocting your own hair doctor. And while there are tons of easy, homemade remedies online, one of the fun experiments to try is a ready-to-use and easy-to-make natural hibiscus shampoo. A staple at almost every household with a garden, the hibiscus plant is known to promote hair growth, stop premature graying, darken hair and act as a great conditioner.

What you need

Hibiscus Leaves: 6 to 8

Tulsi leaves: 3 to 4

Hibiscus flowers: 2

Green gram flour (green whole mung daal flour): 3 tbsp

Coconut or olive oil: 1 tbsp

Water: 1 cup

How to make it

Pluck hibiscus leaves, tulsi leaves and hibiscus flowers fresh from the plants. If you can’t grow them in the house, you can buy them easily from the market. Add green gram flour and grind it into a paste with water. Once the liquid starts to froth, the shampoo is ready. Add 1 tbsp hair oil and mix well.

How to use it

Ensure that the shampoo is fresh and do not refrigerate. Best results happen with immediate application after preparation.

Rinse hair and apply the natural shampoo, lather well just like you use normal shampoos. Be gentle, leave for five minutes and wash with water. Pat gently with a towel. Once your hair is dry, comb gently. Regular use results in shiny black hair. Optimum results when used for a minimum of once a week.

Give these healthy, natural hair care remedies a try and you will make even the folks in the TV ads jealous of your lustrous, beautiful and shiny hair.

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