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The Seal of Surya

The Seal of Surya

Amritanshu Pandey’s debut novel The Seal of Surya from his intended series, The Scrolls of Aryavarta is a mythical narrative.

The book is a piece of fiction which tells about the author’s views on the Vedic and pre-Vedic period. It is a story about the beginning of the Suryavansha and the first king of Aryavarta, Ikshvaku Manav. “My idea is to find answers to the questions that rise from the epics. I have tried to answer those questions with my imagination,” says Pandey adding, that he has referred to “Manu Smriti” and “Rig Veda” as part of his research.

The author has a very clear view about what he wants to express through his book. He has tried to understand the reasons behind the legends. His book is not only the story of Ikshavaku, the son of Surya, but also tells us the author’s views on how the Suryavansh might have begun and the Ikshavaku Manav made Aryavarta’s first king.

“The story begins when the ancient tribes of Deva and Asura are no more and the last of their wars brought destruction to either side. The seal of Aurvan Surya – a centuries old relic of solar authority and lineage – is lost and the solar tribes are without a ruler. Due to this, the states of Aryavarta come together to form a confederation. The Rakshasas, Gandharvas and Yakshas threaten the emerging cities of Aryavarta. At this point, the son of Vaivasvat Manu, Ikshvaku rises to save the solar tribes. Ikshvaku rises to become the first king of Aryavarta,” shares Pandey.

And Ikshvaku must contend with them to bring lasting peace for his people. “As he commences a lifelong war, he must also search for the seal of Aurvan Surya. The search takes him to the far west of Aryavarta, across rugged terrain and wayward rivers. Before Ikshvaku can pass on his rule onto his son, he must locate his ancestor – Maharshi Kashyapa, build a grand capital and deal with his greatest enemy once and for all.”

Pandey has been planning to write books ever since he was 13 years old. He still remembers his early authors and considers them his inspiration. Apart from Vedic and Pre-Vedic history, he also has a keen interest for science fiction and is planning to write in that section as well.

Although it took the author three years to write this book, he is quite excited about his plans. The book is a part of a series of books based on Indian mythology.

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