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A guide to men’s bracelet

Salman with a metal band

Salman with a metal band

I’ve been watching the wrists of many men of late. It’s just that I’ve become curious about this whole bracelet trend. It all started with the man of the house buying himself a rather expensive one (a gold one at that), and then the friend coming back from his travels with a metal cuff and rope cords around his wrists. Two people whom I would never have imagined would wear anything apart from a watch are now wearing bracelets. Then there’s the nephew who is always wearing a Livestrong band even after all the controversy — some dedication.

Bracelets are not new to Indian men. The famous ‘kada’ is probably the most worn among them. Currently, there are a whole lot of options to choose from, and yes, a bracelet can definitely be worn by a man, and it is a part of a stylish man’s wardrobe. It’s really not a necessity, but certainly an option you could try. The role of a bracelet is just like that of any other piece of jewellery, like a ring — it’s there to be noticed, but not really the centrepiece. The key to wearing a bracelet is to be able to match it to your outfit, and getting the size right is important. When wearing them with formals (read long sleeves), your sleeves need to be tailored, keeping in mind that you’re going to be wearing one.

Before you start wearing one, it’s important to understand the different types of bracelets available for men.

Broad metal bands The most stylish and versatile of the lot, these are worn mostly with suits and formal business wear, making a bold statement on your wrist. The shirt sleeve may need to be tailored a bit shorter if you want to flaunt it. Never wear it on top of the cuff, and stay clear of gemstones. Avoid wearing it on the same wrist as a watch. Choose a metal that matches your skin tone and opt for a dull finish.

Rope cords and strings These are available in different thicknesses, and you can wear as many of them as you like, with or without a watch. A single, neat cord, with a metal accent, can be worn formally along with your watch. The rest of the times, it is worn casually.

Cause bands The Livestrong band is the most popular one among these. However, wearing it over an extended period of time and with every outfit is a strict no.

Leather cuffs This is a classic braided or solid cuff and is meant to be worn with a tee and jeans only. The rock-and-roll ones with the skeleton heads that come in and go out of fashion are meant to be worn for a rugged look.

ID bracelets Wear these only if you want a retro look or wish to flaunt your name.

Some basics on how you can wear your bracelet:

Think of a bracelet like a wristwatch, and keep it under the sleeves, close to the skin.

When wearing a watch, wear thin cord bracelets along with it on the same hand.

Never wear more than one metal cuff.

Try to keep one wrist bare rather than both occupied.

Never wear matching bracelets on each wrist.

It’s easy to look awkward if you’re not used to wearing a bracelet or are just starting out. Keep it simple and understated until you’ve got the hang of it. Always look for one that complements your natural style. At the end of the day, a good bracelet must complement the outfit you wear it with.

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