Help birds survive the Indian heat wave

The past two weeks have been exceptionally hot in India, with temperatures reaching an all-time high.

Just as you thirst for water, so do birds. With just a little help from you, they could survive the killer heatwave that India is suffering this summer. Without that, many may not live to see the next summer.

Each of us can make a huge difference, wherever we are. Nature Forever Society appeals to all citizens to set out water baths through the year and especially, in summer. Help Birds in summer is a campaign that has been very successful over the years. Check out how simple it is to help your avian neighbours!

1) Provide clean drinking water and make sure it’s changed every day.

2) Don’t put water in very deep bowls since birds and insects can drown in too much water. The bowls need not be more than 3 inches deep.

3) Float some sticks in the water. This will help insects like bees and butterflies that need to roost while they sip.

4) Clean the water bowl every day but do not use any chemicals or soaps.

5) Don’t use plastic or metal containers since the water will heat up as the day warms up. Earthen vessels are best.

6) Set out a water bowl outside your home, on the ledge of your office window or outside the office, in a public garden near you, or in your child’s school. Request your neighbourhood store to permit you to set out a bowl. Remember, every drop can save a life.

7) Going on a holiday? Request a friend to fill it up for you.

8) Spread the good word. Nature Forever Society has created posters which can be readily printed to be displayed in public places, offices, educational institutes etc. Spread the idea and the message on social media sites or forward through SMS, What App and BBM messages.

Information and Picture Courtesy: Nature Forever Society. For more details, email

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