Queen of the Castle

There's something about women in uniform that grabs eyeballs. And Star World's latest crime drama series, “Castle” has already stumped the audience, thanks to Stana Katic, the gorgeous Canadian-born actor who essays the role of New York Police Department (NYPD) Detective Kate Beckett.

The plot revolves around mystery writer Richard Castle, and Beckett, who work together in solving bloodcurdling crimes. It is in this process that a love story develops between the two.

Speaking over the phone, the on-screen top cop reveals: “Doing ‘Castle' is undoubtedly amongst the best choices I've made professionally. It's fun to do pieces that are reminiscent of classic Hollywood movies. Also, I realised there was much scope to develop as an actor as the series comprises many genres, ranging from crime and drama to comedy and romance. I'd be silly to have not taken this up.”

It's obvious to wonder how comedy manages to creep into something as serious as a crime series but Stana says: “If the show is doing so well, it's all thanks to the writers who have crafted the entire plot so perfectly that nothing is a misfit.

“Their imagination and creativity is at its best here, but the story remains absolutely believable.”

Making it big in a man's world is no petty or frivolous success and Stana doffs her cap to those women who have actually veered off the beaten track in the real world and have dared to prove their mettle as officers, detectives and the like.

“I can't even begin to imagine the hard work it takes to cross the threshold and later move up the rung in a male-dominated profession. But the good that comes out of it is that these women become more resilient.”

Of the way such women are perceived by their male counterparts, Stana feels: “Men are most definitely intimidated by women who prove to be as good and as strong as they are, both mentally and physically. Come to think of it, how amazing is it to date a beautiful and intelligent woman?”

Stana is all praise for her co-star Nathan Fillion who plays Richard Castle on the show. “Nathan's been there, done that. There is always something or the other he advices me on. He's a whole lot of fun and is solely responsible for the way in which the show bounces back and forth naturally.”

The vivacious actress segues effortlessly between the big and the small screens. Stana Katic has guest starred on popular TV series “CSI: Miami” and has even played a Canadian intelligence service agent in the most recent Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace”.

So what's with her and crime-related roles? “Nothing really,” she counters. “I have been part of pure comedy stories as in ‘The Spirit' and have even been a part of romantic flicks such as ‘Feast of Love.' So it really has been a mixed bag for me. Also, it's more about how much I like the character I play and less about the genre.”

Being part of a Bond movie was a defining period in Stana's life. “It's an awesome feeling to know that I share in this amazingly classic and rich legacy.”

Stana thinks she owes her Indian fans a huge thank you. “I'm honoured to know that we're entertaining people who appreciate us,” she concludes.

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