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A message honoring Steve Jobs is scrawled on a blacked-out window at an Apple Store.   | Photo Credit: Elaine Thompson

The one lesson that I take away from Steve Jobs' life is that I should do what I want to do and that will give me the strength to face all the troubles that life throws at me. I am definitely an Apple fan. They take technology and turn it into a work of art. Simple, beautiful, amazing.



A visionary, a marketing genius and a man who was intensely protective about his private life. Few people could have changed an industry the way Steve did. The key thing I took away from Jobs' life would be to stay true to your heart and follow your passion. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. The intertwine of software, hardware and the aesthetics of the final product make Apple's products both the easiest to use and the best looking.

SAMEER KUMAR VASANTHAPURAM works at a major satellite and network solutions provider in the U.S.


Stay hungry, stay foolish in a literal sense is the worst possible advice that can be given to youngsters, but this man made it cool. He was the “American Rajini”. I first knew about Steve Jobs and his brainchild, Apple Inc., when my brother got me an iPod touch from the USA. He became a hero in my eyes when I read about his contributions in starting PIXAR, which produced many of my favourite movies.

SHIVATMIKA RAMANATHAN, Std VII, Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School


Steve Jobs presented the world with products it did not know it wanted and could not live without it. It was sad to lose a true visionary and architect of computer technology.

From his Apple iPod Classic to the iPad, MacBook Pro & Air, and above all, the “what-can-it-not-do” iPhone, the reliability, productivity and intuitive behaviour of the hardware and software helped me get more done through the years and more importantly always kept me delighted. So much that I finally succumbed to the temptation and finally, I pre-ordered my iPhone 4S (4Steve, as his fans are calling it).

RAHUL MEENAKSHISUNDARAM works at a major network solutions provider in the U.S.


Steve, a college dropout and a hardworking professional was responsible for revolutionising the personal computer market. Jobs can be rightly termed as a technologist and futurist. He understood the direction the personal computer industry was taking, even before we understood it ourselves. I would appeal that we take Jobs' fanatical dedication to continual improvement and implement it in various business issues like labour rights, supply chain process and also for the betterment of the environment.

RAGHUL PREMKUMAR works at Teleworx LLC, a provider of wireless consulting services.


We don't always feel personally affected with every celebrity death and accident. This was something else. For once, I felt I had lost someone I knew. Steve Jobs was not a man without failings. Some say he routinely overworked his employees. Some say he tried to destroy the free software movement. Some say he had no time for philanthropy. Some say he failed to use his leverage as a star entrepreneur to effect change in lives of people who have never heard of Apple, let alone afford his products. But we all have our failings. We all have our hidden moles and scars. He was single-minded in his pursuit of excellence. He overworked himself. He was there for Apple whenever she needed him. He made dropping out of college cool (not that it is good). He was working until six weeks before his death. This was a man who showed the world the importance of product design and work ethic. A world without iMacs and iPhones would have been so boring! May your soul rest in peace, Steve.

DR. SENTHIL VELAN BHOOPALAN is a PhD student in Molecular Genetics at University of Maryland, U.S.


When Steve Jobs lost his battle with pancreatic cancer it was not only the technology community that was filled with sadness — it was most of the world, from the most technologically savvy to the computer-handicapped. He revolutionised the world of technology; he also revolutionised the way it became marketed. Product releases went from being afterthoughts in the stocks section of the newspaper to huge media events attracting speculation from those in all professions, and people from all walks of life. Indeed, Jobs was something of a celebrity, and reached movie-star levels of admiration from devout fans of Apple products. Viewers who watched the keynote addresses for any Apple product release came to cherish every one of his idiosyncrasies, from his signature blue jeans and black mock-turtleneck outfit to the way he spoke. And though he had many detractors, it is impossible to argue that he did not completely change the way the general public interacted with technology. He married design and function, showing consumers that computers could not only be powerful tools, but stunning pieces of art. He brought human-computer interaction to a new level with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, showing the masses that functions such as touch screens were not only for those well-versed in technology, but easily available for anyone who wanted them. And, most stunningly of all, he took Apple-a failing company at the time he rejoined it in 1997 and turned it into one of the most successful and recognizable brand names in existence today.

So, although Steve Jobs may no longer be with us today, it is important for everyone who has ever touched an iPod, or used a Macintosh computer, or even stepped inside an electronics store and marvelled at the perfectly streamlined silhouettes of the newest Apple laptops to remember that even though Jobs was just one man; he dared to take chances and bring his passion for design and technology to the masses, and the best way to honour his memory is to dare to dream ourselves, and try to make the same sort of impact he did.

RASHMI VENKATESH is a PhD student in Pharmacology at Georgetown University, U.S.


When people think Steve Jobs, people think Apple. People think $7 Billion. What they don't see is the sheer brilliance the man has shown since 1976. Steve Jobs put design before functionality. He wasn't an engineer but was a visionary, an innovator and a brilliant salesman. After Jobs succeeded Amelio, he restructured and streamlined Apple; a no easy task for the CEO of a company that had just evaded bankruptcy. He introduced the iPod lines followed by the iPhone lines, which were by themselves revolutionary. Be what the critics say, he championed the re-emergence of tablet computing in the consumer electronics segment. Even though it were the employees at Apple that were the chief contributors in terms of design and performance, it was Jobs' quest for constant perfection that saw the products do so well. He has often been reviled by purists that he was in the computing business only for the profit than for being in it for its progress. I agree, but the world will never see again such a charismatic salesman like Steve Jobs.

SRIRAM SRIDHARAN is a Master's student specialising in Information Security at the University of Maryland, U.S.


Steve Jobs made me realise one thing — stop thinking about what others will think of you. You do what you love to do and every thing will fall in place. This is something which I try to and live by almost every day. When it comes to Apple products, my family loves them. My dad loathed his previous smartphone because he did not know where half the things were, once he had an iPhone it changed his life. He even remotely monitors patients' conditions through an app. From streaming the content of my computer to the TV or wirelessly playing music throughout the house to backing up our computers over the air, Apple's products made life easier for me and my family. To quote Steve jobs “They just work”. Steve's passing away had hurt many of us, simply because he had taught us all how we should live. He did not just preach, but also lived by his rules and set an example on how it can be achieved.

MAHESH RATNAM, Engineer/Photographer, Chennai


If there is something I could learn from Steve Jobs' life and experiences, it would be the “Never Say Never” attitude. In spite of the struggles life throws at you, accept it as a challenge to bring out the best in you and closer to your dreams. He changed how the world perceived technology and with the devices he created; the world could build on it with their ideas in such simple ways. The best example would be the concept of Apps! This made so many ideas come to life. To sum it up, Steve Jobs brought the glamour to technology and made it a user friendly platform for the masses. I'm proud to say that we have ONLY Apple products in our home.

MILI NAIR, Singer/Musician, Bangalore


The speech he gave at Stanford University's commencement address really moved me. About faith and hope, about loving what you do. I found it to be one of the most beautiful ideas I've ever heard because I found a lot of truth in it that echoed in my personal experience. What I love about Apple is that its devices are very sophisticated, simple and elegant all at once. They keep the consumer foremost in mind. Their advertising, their product design, everything is never over -the-top or gimmicky; rather it floors us with an astonishing simplicity and subtleness. They take care of the little things, right from the smoothness of the touch screen to the whole effectiveness of the user interface to the aesthetic appeal of the products which you rarely find. That's what I love. I feel like I'm special when I use my iPod Nano.



Steve Jobs' ability to “think different” and think outside the box is what set him apart from many of his peers. His communication skills, revolutionary ideas, relentless work, leadership skill with humaneness is what inspires me the most. Steve Jobs has inspired and influenced our generation and generations to come with his gadgets. Some of his inventions are far more comprehensive and universal than the conventional ones. His products allow us to use today's technology better, smarter and with style. They are easy to use, trendy, futuristic and phenomenal.



For me, Steve Jobs is a visionary. His genius, determination, hard work and humility are qualities that standout for me. A man who was thrown out of his own company (Apple) and did not challenge the same in order to not ruin its reputation but went on to build two huge companies — Next and Pixar; a man who revolutionised technology for the generations to come; a man who never backed down; a man who lived each day like his last; a man who always remembered the importance of family; a man who always had a steady head over his shoulders. Steve Jobs has always commanded the respect of the world and will continue to do so in the years to come. I do not own many other Apple products besides the iPod, but what I like about Apple technologies are their stylized typefaces, thanks to one calligraphy class Steve attended after dropping out of college.



Steve's ability to never admit defeat even in the face of criticism from all quarters did and will continue to keep me focused on my dreams. Aside from his beautiful Apple products, his words will continue to live on and inspire generations of teenagers — “Stay hungry, stay foolish, And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. ... Everything else is secondary.” I think the fact that I'm an Apple fan is quite evident considering the fact that my family has two iTouchs, two iPhones, three iPods and two iPads.



He knew what he was doing, and took many risks to accomplish what he did. I am not entirely an Apple fan; I like some products but not others. However, they all are designed to be easy to use, and most of the products have changed the way we live/work in some way or another.



Jobs was a simple guy who had one self-proclaimed mission: “To make a dent in the universe”. And that he did. He was not bombastic and he was not excessive, but he gave his single-minded attention to this ultimate goal, with absolute passion. I also like that he was a direct fellow, he did not mince words — sometimes that's what we need from our heroes. I am very much an Apple fan. I use an Apple product for all of my technology needs, including my phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet. And of course, iTunes! I've spent an immense amount of time and energy with Apple-based products, and the death of Jobs has really shown me what a dent Jobs has made in MY universe.



A guy like him who was given up for adoption, chucked from his own company, had cancer and liver failure, still went out and changed the world unlike the rest of us who are busy giving excuses. I love Apple and its products because they are different, they have style and class. They might lack some features as the critics say but they are worth paying for no matter how expensive an Apple product is.

ADITYA MENDIRATTA, Photographer, Delhi


Jobs believed that the only thing certain about life was death. He believed that as long as you are around, you might as well try and make the best of it and somewhere along the way, make the world a better place for others as well. And am I an Apple fan? Who isn't? Steve Jobs aimed at making technology accessible and easy to use and I think he succeeded.



Jobs was ready to experiment. He set the benchmark when it came to technology and made Apple the standard for gadgets. iPods became the benchmark for portable music players, Macs for personal computers, etc. He never compromised on excellence. When you buy an Apple product, you are guaranteed quality. It does not disappoint.



There are two kinds of people — those who follow and those who create. Steve was the master of the latter. He made people believe and like a lot of other great people, he was simple and down to earth, something definitely worth admiring. I am not a die hard Apple fan but their products did satisfy me to the fullest. All of them are real classy.



If you know you can do something better than what you are doing now then just go for it, for it may change the way the world looks at you and how you look at it. I absolutely love Apple products firstly cause they have revolutionised the way we live, communicate and listen to music and play, cause they are insanely beautiful and because they are the visions of Steve.

KARTIK KRISHNAN, Software Engineer, Chennai


I would say he proved that even if you don't have college degree, with hard work and innovation you can probably go all the way to being the CEO of one of the best companies in the world. Also I'm not a huge apple fan. But I'd die without an iPod.

MICHELLE D'LIMA (Chemical and Biological Engineer, NY)


As a consumer, I try not to “like” companies or corporations. If their product delivers, I like that specific product. As a design engineer however, I do admire Apple's design ideologies; I doubt if any contemporary course based on Product Development or Marketing can ignore Apple+Jobs.

VISHNU NAIR, Senior Design Engineer, Bangalore


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