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Designer Vivek Karunakaran. Photo: Special Arrangement  

With a rapidly changing fashion industry, it is but natural that everyone is moving in that direction. So it’s not just the women who are conscious about their looks; men are too. This has a lot to do with how a man’s style quotient has changed over the years. Gone are the days when a man just walked up to their tailors or to a chain of stores to get his clothes. Today he chooses his designers, stores and the malls he wants to visit. He’s becoming more metro-sexual; this involves not just clothes but also how he grooms himself, develops a style and chooses accessories.

All these changes are largely due to exposure. As people see what is happening across the globe, they develop on an opinion on anything and everything, including the clothes celebrities are wearing and their fashion sense. This, in a sense, leads to people — especially men — to think about their own fashion sense; about their clothes, looks and whether their style suits the occasion. They want to be sure of what they are wearing.

In keeping with this trend, fashion too has become more readily available and market friendly thereby allowing people to know where they can get what works best for them. This has resulted in a more stylish and confident man than before.

Of course, people will say that some cities are ahead of others in terms of fashion. That’s not true. Cities don’t make fashion; it’s individuals who take fashion forward. Some people like to dress up for themselves, to look good and make a style statement that represents them. Others love to be talked about and feel the pressure to dress up. Either way the prime motive remains the same. In all, there’s no dearth of fashions, styles or availability. This has opened up fashionable avenues for all people. And men have finally taken their first steps on the road to being fashionable.

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