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Pet love (From left) Dushyant Rao, Balaji Ramesh and Prachi Gupta  

They credit Pepper, the English cocker spaniel, as the CIO or Chief Inspiration Officer for the app TailsLife. “Through Pepper, my wife Prachi Gupta and I learnt how difficult and happy it is to raise a pet. The first six months are crucial,” says Balaji Ramesh, the founder. “Right from getting an appointment with the vet, to visiting grooming parlours, and pet-friendly boarding spaces, we had a tough time getting the right information. In the process, I realised that there were so many pet parents like us who needed help.”

The couple gave up their job in Bangalore and invested their savings in the start-up. Dushyant Rao, Balaji’s friend from New Zealand, joined them as co-founder. Balaji and Dushyant grew up in Coimbatore, surrounded by pets. Balaji talks about an Australian silky terrier and miniature pinschers while Dushyant has fond memories of playing with Alsatians and 10 cats! He also has four mongrels on his farm.

With TailsLife, these pet lovers wanted to focus on how to make pet parenting better. Balaji says a pet owner is always full of questions. How do I get a spot appointment with a vet? Or make a quick trip to a grooming parlour or spa? Where to leave my pet when on a holiday? Are there any daycare centres for pets? What about the shops near my locality for pet supplies? “The app gives the answer to all these requirements.”

It’s a free app available on Android and iOS app stores. It has completed 200 downloads in 10 days since it went live. “Any pet lover can access the app to get information about vets, grooming places, food supplies, and pet-friendly restaurants in their locality. Along with the list of contact info and address, the app also gives directions to help you get there,” explains Balaji.

Currently, the database covers Bangalore and Coimbatore. “We did a lot of leg work and cross-checked the information before adding it to the database. Our objective is to build awareness on caring for pets,” he says.

They have plans to add interactive features so that a pet lover can communicate with similar people.

Balaji says that in metros almost every house has a pet. “In Bangalore, most couples in IT industries who don’t have kids adopt a pet. And, in homes where there is a single child, a pet is brought to give company to the child. There is immense potential to tap into the needs of pet owners,” says Balaji.

The app also gives tips from experts on variety of topics like how to handle a finicky eater, how to cure separation anxiety in pets, toilet training for your pup, adding fibre to his diet, and how to handle pets. And, there are personal stories written by pet lovers.

The founders say though people are aware of having pets and caring for them, it is still a long way to go. “TailsLife is a simple, vibrant app that helps you raise a pet like never before,” assures Balaji

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