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Apart from promising to speed up the charging process by 92 per cent, Legion Meter gives you comprehensive information about your battery’s health

For many mobile phone users, the battery is not a problem, for they charge only once a day and it is good to go for 24 hours. Then there are people like us, who use phone batteries can’t seem to get enough charge. Of course, there are options like charging cases and battery packs, but charging it from a wall socket still remains the easiest.

So, while it is not possible to make the batteries bigger, it definitely is possible to reduce the charging time. A regular charger usually takes about three hours to charge your phone. With all of us running short of time, three hours seems too much. Legion Meter promises to speed up the whole process by 92 per cent!

Legion Meter has been created by PLX Devises and looks like a regular USB drive. But, it does not store any files. Instead, it charges your phone! Using the Legion Meter is quite easy. You just have to plug it in between your charging cord and the AC adapter unit. You can set preferences with the OLED display. Setting preferences helps the unit communicate with your device. However, different settings are required for Apple and Android products. Blackberry, Windows and other OS phones need to be charged using the settings for Android. The right settings will prevent your battery from overheating.

Legion Meter does more than just charge your devices. The tiny display gives you information about your battery’s health. It shows you the power being delivered to your device in Watts, the current being delivered, and the voltage the USB is currently sending out. It also displays the milliwatt hours that determine the health of your battery. Once the battery is completely charged, all this information is processed by special algorithms that determine how you are using your device by calculating the energy usage about 500 times per second and gives you a the precise reading. If your battery’s capacity has gone down since the time you bought your phone, then it is growing old. You can just flip a switch to block or allow data transfer when plugged in a computer.

The company has started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the project. But, they have a few warnings to give out. They recommend using the device when your battery levels are in the range of 40 – 80 per cent, for they have tested the Meter in these conditions along with screen, Bluetooth, Wifi on or off, and a screen brightness of 50 per cent. The device has been in the testing phase, and might differ from the pictures. The Legion Meter is perfect for those who lead extremely busy lives, and need to constantly be available on the phone. The device is selling out like hot cakes, and if you wish to get hold of one, you will have to hurry. The Early Bird offers are gone, but there are others left. Also, do not forget to read their warnings before placing an order.

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(Author is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Possibillion Technologies)

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