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One of the commonest symptoms indicating a deep seated disorder that should be identified is bleeding from the rectum. The colour quantity of blood that oozes out of the anus would give a clue to the underlying problem. If the blood is bright red it usually means that it is from around the area of the anus. If it’s darker, sticky or black it means the blood is from up the digestive tract.

The first amongst the causes of the problem is haemorrhoids or piles as it is commonly known wherein there is an injury to the blood vessels lining the last portion of the alimentary system due to hard stool or constipation, usually associated with pain and swelling at the site of the rectum. Besides, increased abdominal pressure during pregnancy or a fissure of the anus or if the anus cannot open wide enough can also cause this problem.

A bacterial or a viral infection of the stomach and bowel can cause diarrhoea that contains traces of blood and mucus in the stool. However that problem is easily identified by other symptoms such as vomiting, cramping of abdomen and higher body temperature.

Crohn’s disease is another condition in which the digestive tract becomes inflamed causing scarring and deep ulcers and such patients manifest loose passage of stools which contains mucus or pus. There is a loss of weight with fever, pain in the abdomen which gets worse even by touch.

Ulcerative condition can also cause the problem as the body’s immunity mistakenly attacks the lining of the large intestine causing bleeding, pain, loss of weight etc.

There are some anatomical aberrations when there are a few pockets in the lining of the digestive tract which get trapped with the substances in the tract; get infected and ooze blood and pus and a severe pain. This condition is called as diverticulosis.

Last but not the least is the cancer of the colon wherein the inordinate growth of the cells in the large intestine causes the sloughing off the cells which causes a continuous bleeding that imparts a dark brown to the colour of the stool.

There are ways and means to identify and diagnose a condition that is precipitating bleeding from the rectum and once that is done the treatment can be more specific, pertinent and effective. If it is just piles, remedies like Aesculus, Collinsonia, Hamamellis help while a fissure can be treated appropriately by Ac. Nit, Ratanhia, Paeonia etc. Gastroenteritis can be treated with Veratrum album, China and Aloes. If the cause is Crohn’s disease, Colocynth, Nux vomica are apt, while Ulcerative colitis is tackled by Merc sol, Merc cor, Ars alb etc. Depending on the stage and grade of the bowel cancer remedies like Phos, Carcinosin, Millefolium etc. have a good role to play in the condition.

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Dental problem

I suffer from a dental problem and there needs to be a filling of one tooth and probably there needs to be a crown fixed on the other one. Is there a way for homeopathic remedies to help in such a condition? – abc.

If there is an erosion of the crown of the tooth; it is likely due to an infection spreading into the root of the teeth and all along the gums and jaws . Homeopathic remedies can keep the infection at bay with remedies like Merc sol, Hepar sulph, Merc iod flav, Merc iod rubrum etc. and see that the procedure of filling or the crown being implanted is that much easier. Consult a Homeopath.

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