Diets don’t work




A balanced meal coupled with sustainable lifestyle changes works best to stay healthy

When a dish looks tempting, there is no stopping a foodie, especially when it comes to desserts. To first gobble and then feel guilty is common and completely human. So when experts like lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho suggest that eating with guilt leads to weight gain; which is why you should simply eat a balanced meal and enjoy your desserts without feeling guilty, and still stay healthy, you are bound to pay attention.

At a meet with FLO members in Hyderabad, Luke has his audience’s complete attention and with good reason; after all he is a nutritionist, author, fitness and lifestyle coach and a much feted speaker at gatherings across the world. He handles cases ranging from obesity to disease and cancer. He is currently working on his next book and setting up integrative oncology wards with various governments worldwide. Luke also leads several programs revolving around nutrition, body image, health and lifestyle for both children and adults. No wonder audience to his talk on holistic lifestyle change for a happier life paid him undivided attention, with a few even taking down notes on their notepads or mobiles.

Making it clear at the outset that diets don’t work without a change in lifestyle, Luke suggests that having desserts is ok, but one must keep a check on the quantity of intake and the amount of physical activities one does to balance it.

Luke recommends lifestyle changes that are sustainable, easy to do and fits one’s busy schedules; one that can be maintained even when travelling or on a holiday. “The change should make you feel happy and positive and should go on to develop a positive self-esteem,” says Luke who is an International Collaborator with the University of Yale and Harvard and practices in the field of nutrition, health, preventive and alternative treatment. His philosophy revolves around simplicity and sustainability. Changes in lifestyle should result in maintaining or achieving a healthy weight, lessen pain and suffering, improve mental health and longevity; improve health of hair, skin and nails. It should keep our body, mind and soul in balance and harmony.

Another piece of heart warming advice: Do not trust the weighing scale too often; trusting the loss in inches. “Do we buy clothes depending on our body weight or by the measuring tape? Weight loss could be an indication of lot of other things besides losing bone density and muscle mass,” he points out. As long as you are losing inches, keeping the same weight is ok, he suggests.

A very important reason for obesity and poor health among men and women he says, is the fact that we are moving away from our staple diets. These are the leading causes of heart, cancer and diabetic diseases. He supports the old adage of ‘Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.’

Luke also said

Women shouldn’t have more than 3 cups of coffee a day and men 2 cups

Drink a glass of water before meal. Chew your food. Eat slowly and never over eat.

Never drink cold water after a meal.

The human body needs 0.8 gm to 1 gm of protein per kilo of your body weight.

Protein deficiency may cause fatigue and flabbiness.

Big ‘No’ to microwave cooking.

Avoid colas, aerated drinks and commercially prepared French Fries.

Women must sleep at least seven hours.

Eat fresh foods and local and seasonal fruit.

Ensure a minimum of two and half hours gap between your last meal and bedtime.

Minimum 30 minutes exercise or walk.

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