Fawad, the gentleman from across the border

Pakistani TV and film actor Fawad Khan, who is eased himself into Bollywood like a charm, universally draws a sigh from women across two countries. He is all set to do it once again with his latest film Kapoor & Sons which releases on March 18. In Bengaluru for the film’s promotions, he spoke to MetroPlus.


The Punjabi family trope that Kapoor and Sons looks like, why does it work? Almost feels like it stands for the Indian, or universal family?

You’re right, it not just stands for Indian, but universal. These are the kind of films people enjoy the most. It is about people’s lives, what their real life interactions are. Be it French cinema, or Hollywood, the best comedies, the best films are more in that genre.

My favourite ones are those where you can relate with the characters, you can laugh, cry, and feel with them. And walk out not just with a memory of the film but with a memory of your life refreshed. These kinds of films do that.

What is your personal sense of family?

My personal sense of family is that with the love comes the hate, with the sweet comes the bitter. Everything cannot be right all the time. I just feel everyone’s understanding of right and wrong is different from one another; it’s very relative. That seesaw of a relationship people have with one another is necessary for some dynamism in your life. Otherwise life would plateau and we would be living like robots. You’ll lose a sense of emotion, a sense of importance of other people. If you can’t get hatefully angry at someone, you really cannot love them as much as well.

Being in Bollywood now, you feel you've got what you're looking for?

This is kind of the beginning. There’s a long way to go. But surely I’ve found a footing enough to at least be involved in projects that have some meaning - like this one. I still don’t understand the business angle of it, but I didn’t understand the business angle of things back at home as well.

I’ve gone into project sometimes because I needed to keep the kitchen running, sometimes because I just wanted to get out of the house! My theory, is that the process of making a project, is the most enjoyable part. Not the release of the film.

That’s when you have the exposure to different kinds of people. That’s my purpose of being in Bollywood — meet people, learn about my craft, and perfect myself along the way.

At the same time, along the way, to get plugged into the right sort of things. This kind of project is right up my alley.

Are you planning to direct?

I think I need more experience but yeah, I could see myself directing some day. To be honest it used to be on my mind more often than now. Now I sit in a position where I’m more comfortable just seeing how the whole thing comes together.

Sometimes the passion, fire and eagerness to get into something is fuel enough for people to get into something. But the disappointment that comes out of it is just as great.

Because you go in there all gung-ho and when something falls flat on its face, you come out devastated.

But if you develop a certain amount of maturity, presence of mind and patience, you’re able to do more. I guess I’m waiting for that.

What about you is making all the women swoon?

That I talk really well. I think so (laughs)... I just feel I know how to behave like a gentleman.

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