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I like to think of myself as a fashion and design connoisseur. Fashion, art and architecture appeal to me. Here are some blogs that I personally like/follow for all the good things in life. A blog, as you all know, is a space where a blogger jots down his/her opinions/thoughts/tips on fashion, lifestyle, food and all things sundry.

I recently built a house and I’m of the opinion that my home should be furnished slowly. I need to let the house grow and take shape with meI don’t want to end up with a statement piece that I might hate in a few weeks time. So I take my time and scour the internet.

But the thing about the internet is that it offers you so many options that you’re lost before you can even begin. Still, I kept at it and in the course of the endless search for the ‘right’ stores I stumbled upon this gem of a site called (LBBD for short). And what a find it was. The site has all the cool things to do in Delhi and the in places to eat, drink, party and catch shows. And best of all, LBBD tells you about those awesome places to shop at be it clothes, accessories, furniture or pickles. Of late, LBBD has started curating bazaars at popular shopping haunts of Delhi.

I was in Delhi and thanks to LBBD I learnt of an artisan’s bazaar that LBBD had helped curate at Ogaan in Haus Khaz Village. It was a beautiful event featuring emerging accessory designers from in and around Delhi. I particularly liked Fooljhadi, Square Loop and Malleka. Each of these accessory designers have a very distinct design aesthete. Fooljhadi has a young, fun, Indian kitschy vibe going on with its jewellery. Square Loop, a bag brand for the most part, was more about being minimal. Malleka was about bold and edgy jewellery. It also showcased Raw Mango saris and Kavita Bhartia’s tunics and her modern Indian ethnic bags. The best thing about LBBD is that it always has a little bit of everything for everyone. As an outsider it allows you a glimpse of all the wonderful things that Delhi has to offer. It’s the go-to site for everyone planning to visit Delhi.

For fashion, I keep going back to, and I like giasaysthat’s posts on the places where you can find deals and hunt for bargains and stay stylish with your bargain buys. Now, who doesn’t love a bargain? Also, her take on Lakme Fashion Week 2014 is interesting and original. focusses on make up, skin care and the current season’s style trends. I especially its posts on make-up trends of the season. Akanksha’s pictures on her blog are vivid and give you an instant connect with the blogger.

Almost always, the trends here are something that I would definitely try. is girly, young and fashionable where guest bloggers write about fashion and lifestyle. It’s a blog that never fails to energise me. So usually, its one of the first things that I like to see in the morning before I start work.

Shrivyshnavi Annush is a software engineer who pursues her passion for fashion and design. She will soon launch a curated fashion accessories portal,

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