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Put your hands together to destress

Anjali Mudra

Anjali Mudra  


The image of palms pressed together in front of the chest accompanied by a bowed head or a namaste is one we in the east are very familiar with. It peers at us from temple walls, images of spiritual and political leaders; we are greeted by it at traditional gatherings and festivals, and of course at yoga classes. Yoga teachers use the Anjali mudra, as it is called, to begin and end a practice session. The mudra also makes an appearance in several postures and in the sun salutations. This simple gesture conveys welcome, reverence and an attitude of serenity. The act of placing your palms together brings to your own attention the meeting of the two distinct halves of your being; the right side of the body with the left, the physical body with the energy body, the masculine aspect of you with the feminine aspect and the right brain with the left brain.

From a physiological point of view, the gentle and steady pressure on the palms activates both sides of the brain, making the body and mind more alert and present.

The true meanings of the practice of Anjali mudra may be lost to time and used merely because it is traditional, but its impact on your being is significant enough for it to serve as an effective recharge button. Sitting quietly with the mudra with your eyes closed as you breathe deeply is a pause that lets your mind take a break from its frantic workload.

It can be practised unobtrusively anywhere and at anytime.

Anjali Mudra (The Gesture of Reverence) with Deep Breathing

Sit with your back supported or at the edge of a chair with your back straight.

Place your palms together in front of your chest.

Bring your chin parallel to the ground, relax your shoulders and release any tension in your chest region.

Let your elbows find their natural resting place.

Bend your thumbs gently and rest the back of the knuckles against the base of your breast bone.

Inhale and expand your abdomen like it is a balloon; exhale and deflate and draw your belly in.

Repeat this at least 20 times with your eyes closed.

Keep the rhythm of your breathing steady.

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