United in celebrations: Ramzan celebration

Mecca Masjid seen in full glory during the Ramzan month

Mecca Masjid seen in full glory during the Ramzan month   | Photo Credit: K.V.S. Giri

Hyderabad is in a joyous festive mode, soaking in the sights and flavours of Ramzan

It is that time of the year when Hyderabad is transformed into a city that’s more positive, more festive and more united than ever before. It’s that time of the year when people, irrespective of their faith, are eager to be on the roads.

The festive frenzy that the city is caught in, is infectious. Bad roads and traffic jams notwithstanding, everybody is happy these days. Reason, it’s Ramzan month and the mushrooming food stalls on the streets are a welcome sight for all.

For someone who isn’t aware of what Ramzan means to Hyderabadis, the city throws a very pretty picture at this time of the year complete with garlands of twinkling lights streaming from extended roofs, shops selling street food, to the devout streaming out of masjids after the evening prayers, heading to haleem bhattis to break their fast.

When the sun sets, most parts of the city which otherwise don’t ace the activity meter, come alive.

Decorations aren’t just limited to serial lights, the festive mood is enhanced with colourful reams of cloth in bright yellow, green, red and white are used to make pandals.

Party-goers are giving the twirling disco lights a miss, the dancing shoes are replaced with walking shoes and instead of driving in style in their fancy cars or cabs, popping in and out of an autorickshaws is preferred in order to reach the destinations faster, thanks to the crowds that are out feasting, followed by shopping.

After-hour parties are official and they all end in some stall selling the crowd’s favourite food.

A few lucky ones manage to get invited by friends during iftar to taste homemade specials and experience the exquisite spread.

Office-goers rush towards food joints after work hours. In fact during this month, many Hyderabadis make it a point to meet up with friends and colleagues at their favourite haleem spots to dig into some of that gooey dish. Then there are the more adventurous ones who head out to explore a new hangout everyday. Often the haleem is followed by a dahi vada, mirchi, kebabs and the ubiquitous irani chai. Not in that order necessarily.

Take the case of Masab Tank. It’s not the shops or the music but the waft of haleem that draws the crowd here. With or without shorba, with or without chicken 65, the variety in haleem that’s being sold is an example of how easily food fusion is done. They even have boards that greet passers by with ‘Eid Mubarak.’

Food carts aren’t lagging behind. So what if they don’t have lights and cloths and streamers, the mirchi bajji sellers do their best with what is available with them, some decorating their cart with mirchis.

To beat it all, some restaurants have given their employees LED fitted jackets. These boys stand outside, on the streets, to take a quick drive-in delivery and ‘light’ up a moment of your life in the middle of the night.

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