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ARTISTIC IMPRESSION A painting of Alita Chandra Wig  

“When everyone is complaining about traffic, I take it in a positive stride and look around to see how different objects are. I am an observer. Even while sitting in the car, I am fascinated by the backside of the trucks,” says Alita Chandra Wig, an artist, while explaining how she has an urge and passion for painting mundane things around her.

In a demure yet liberating tone, Alita says: “My paintings are my vision of the way I perceive the world.”

Alita, whose paintings were exhibited at a recently concluded exhibition at Shridharni Art Gallery at Triveni Kala Sangam, says every painting of hers has come out of the blue. She plays with colours defying the spatial and temporal constraints.

Every colour has its own specific symbolism. “Colours brown and grey are earthly so they symbolise life holistically. On the other hand, the mauve and pink colour evoke femininity and docility. In a similar manner, blue and green represent water which symbolise the flow of life.”

Walking through the gallery in Shridharni Art Gallery, one saw a range of beautiful paintings. The paintings are riddled with lines drawn in different styles like straight, curved, short and parallel.

“These paintings reflect a piece of my mind; a fusion of my emotions. Whenever I feel a little down, I paint. At the end of the painting, when I finish it I am very happy,” says the artist, while describing her work.

The colour schemes and patterns in the paintings are so engrossing and intense that it is an arduous task to discern and separate even two lines from each other. The work is intricate on the surface with too much depth under the colours and the fine lines used. Using varied mediums like acrylic, water colours,pen, and archival paper this talented artist feels that art is a kind of liberation.

Born with an art background to an art gifted couple, Avinash Chandra and Premlata Chandra, Alita developed a taste and liking for art at a very early age. Having been a student at NIFT and then at Pearl Academy, she comprehends art assiduously.

Alita had put up her first exhibition in 1990. Interesting and amusing part is that each art work defies time and space.

Talking about the young aspiring and budding artists, she just sums up in a single line: “Follow your heart. The rest will automatically fall into place.” On the parting note, she informs that her next exhibition is at the Visual Art Gallery of Indian Habitat Centre.

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