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The 20-year-old tall and pretty actor Mouryani, whose Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam is set for release shortly, is steadily gaining a foothold in the Telugu film industry. Bengaluru-based Mouryani, made her debut with Ardha Nari in Telugu followed by Janaki Ramudu .

Mouryani, who says her name is synonymous with Durga comes from a conservative family, which was not keen on her pursuing career in showbiz. But she succeeded in getting a break due to her sheer determination and penchant for acting.

Mouryani says the dramatics in school helped her a lot. It was a process of self-learning, she would watch a lot of television and an orientation programme before her first film helped her. She recollects, “My dance performances in school helped me to certain extent. I also realise the need to be fit, so I started doing power yoga and dance for two hours. I go to the gym too.”

So how did she get the courage to try something as unconventional as playing both a demon and a mother , so early in her career?

Mouryani agrees it was a risk but she loved each moment of her work. She adds, “In Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam you will see me in my normal self for 20 to 25 minutes, then there is a song after which you will see me as a devil. In Ardha Nari , I played a mother in that first film’; it was risky. In that entire film I wore a sari and a held a baby in my arms. I could show many emotions and it gave me a lot of confidence. An artiste usually gets this kind of character after ten films, but I am lucky to have got it in my first film. Ardha Nari fetched me a lot of accolades.”

For Intlo deyyam ..., Mouryani says the director asked her if she’d be okay playing the de-glamorised role.

“I wanted to do variety of roles and I want people to remember me so I had no qualms taking it up. I play a character named Swapna. Though Naresh and Kruthika are the lead, I am the integral part of the film and the story revolves around me,” she explains.

The actor takes pride in speaking Telugu from her second film onwards. She has many Telugu friends in Bangalore and wasn’t entirely new to the language.

She says earnestly, “Telugu film industry has accepted me so I need to respect it and I want to converse in Telugu whenever I am here. This industry is quite big, has a huge reach and huge market. While I enjoy being a part of the Telugu film industry I’m also open to doing Kannada films if I get good roles.”

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