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Of villains and bands


Coke Studio Pakistan

In the Tamil film Mozhi, which had Jyotika as a speech and hearing-impaired person, there are scenes where she tries to decipher the tune in everything from the pooja bell to her grandmother patting her to sleep. Similarly, in Coke Studio Pakistan’s latest video shared on their Facebook page, people with hearing disabilities share how they react and relate to music. But what is music to a person who can’t hear, ask the makers of the popular music TV series. And so, they use lights and vibrations to recreate music. The result is heartwarming: they are genuinely thrilled to experience the music in a way that they can truly enjoy.


Batman: The Killing Joke

With Suicide Squad now playing in theatres, it’s always interesting to know what drives the supervillains and what made them the way they are. One of the most intriguing characters, of course, is The Joker. And while Heath Ledger gave us a performance that’s quite hard to forget, Jared Leto’s version seems like it could be murkier than ever. The graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland, gives the maniacal villain a possible origin story. Although the story was first published in 1988, the DC universe never gets old. Give this New York Times bestseller a look.


‘Swings and Waterslides’

Viola Beach was an up-and-coming, talented indie rock British band. Sadly, in February this year, the quartet — vocalist Kris Leonard, guitarist River Reeves, bassist Tomas Lowe and drummer Jack Dakin — along with their manager Craig Tarry, passed away in a road accident. In a bittersweet moment, their eponymous album is all set to top the U.K. charts this week. The song ‘Swings and Waterslides’ features a great sound and is a celebration of life, and talks of coming home and of needing someone. Check out their other tracks as well.

Friendship day

Remember back in school, when your popularity was judged by how many friendship “bands” you had around your wrist? If you were cool enough, you gave out store-bought bands. If you were the artsy type, you made your own with glitter, glue, sequins and metres and metres of multi-coloured satin ribbons. Well, this Sunday is Friendship Day, so don’t forget to appreciate your friends for putting up with you over the years — in some cases, since pre-KG. You don’t have to go the Joey Tribbiani way and be “bracelet buddies” with your BFF; a simple thank you would do.

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